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Sumthin' Sumthin' cover Sumthin' Sumthin' by Maxwell

This song is about a person trying to get the attention of the one they love. But, the person really doesn't have a clue. The person is really in love with this person and they think the world of them. They want to be their lover so bad if the person would have a clue that they really want to be with them. They would do anything for this person, even sacrifice their life. Reminds me of a person falling in love with their best friend and trying to them.

All I Wanted cover All I Wanted by Paramore

I think this is a girl expressing her love to her lover. But, the lover never really got that she loved them so much. She is thinking about when she first realized that she fell in love with them (go back to the beginning and relive the start). She loved her lover for who they are. It wasn't about money or anything else. It was all about the love she has for lover!

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