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Portal cover Portal by Lights

As best as I can tell, this is a modern Cinderella tale. Let's take, at first the images at face value: She's leaving her home or a familiar place on a busy highway at dusk, and reminiscing at the sights where she's made memories as the drive forward pushes them out of sight. Then things get more metaphorical, describing that she cannot see where she is, only that forces beyond her control have brought her there. The lyrics pause, leaving our hero floating in chaos. We return to our hero petitioning her intellect and her senses to give her a clue as to where she is - and accepting she has lost her old self and found her new self, as all hero tales go. Upon finding herself in this new world, she expresses the desire for the companionship and courage of her own heart, a vestage of her old self she feels will serve her well in her new place - a deep truth of human existence, so another pause of reflection in the lyrics. We return to find our hero out of the darkness and standing in the light, and search for order, and does so with the sidewalks below. She imagines trying to cut free of whatever entanglements, or cultural obligations she's committed to but resigns her life, forever to whomever extended the invitation to her to leave her old world. She consciously accepts this new arrangement with her partner, taking on their values as her own, admitting that these were (after all) the very qualities that drew her in, to accept the invitation toward their portal, an imagistic representation of the bridegroom carrying his new bride over the threshold into his house, that he has prepared ahead of time for her. I'm not sure if this is a tale of two young people eloping or perhaps how the artist imagines what the experience of a common girl marying into a royal might be like, i.e., Cinderella.

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