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Free Drink Ticket cover Free Drink Ticket by Peaches

(interview with Catalogue Magazine), Peaches says this is about a breakup she had: """ Yeah, it’s a very raw and real feeling, so when it happened I decided to actually write about it, because I’m sure they’re a lot of people who can relate to it. It’s this feeling of ‘love’ for a person that turns to hate. That in itself is such an incredibly strange thing that human emotion does. """ (Interview with Now Toronto): """ You know that moment when you have so much love for a person and you’re so hurt by them that you have nothing but hate? ‘Now I fucking hate you and I want to stab you. I want to kill you and I want to see you die a thousand times.’ But nobody writes that because you sound like a psycho. But I did because it’s a moment everybody has. """ All this reveals though that Peaches was dating a pick-up artist (see free drink ticket). So without knowing it she's criticizing PUA, positioning herself with XKCD

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