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She Goes Down cover She Goes Down by Billy Squier

2/3/2016 Le oops....... current lyrics are for "Everybody Wants You" by Billy Squier.

She Goes Down cover She Goes Down by Billy Squier

"Lonely Is the Night" was written by Billy Squire. During one interview he basically said that the song was about people having normal feelings of loneliness when in a new city. One website said that "waiting on the line" was talking about waiting on the phone. The song is also about the fact that when you are lonely, you can make good or bad choices. Some choices will make you happy -- others can make you regret.

The One Thing cover The One Thing by INXS

I've been researching this song for over an hour. Here's some observations on The One Thing: 1. I really like the music and melody; cool rhythm. 2. Everything about the song speaks of Passion...Lust...Love.......Emphasis of your hygienic mate. 3. He's talking about how he is enamored [gaa-gaa] over his hotty girlfriend / wife. 4. "The One Thing" seems to emphatically be talking of sex (normal God created desires men and women experience). 5. "Rarely talk and that's the danger." She so cool she doesn't need to talk..... "that's the danger" I don't understand... Perhaps he is a little unsure... or insecure of her commitment level to their relationship. 6. "Cut the knife just like a razor" .... could be reference to cutting cocaine on a table with a razor....... or she's such a 'hotty' that she "cuts through a crowd" (causes a crowd to part) due to her attractiveness/hottiness? Maybe you can answer that one? 7. Fruit emphasized in video - the fruit looks Very Much like a Fig. ("Fig Believed to have been in the Garden of Eden, figs were also Cleopatra’s favorite fruit and the ancient Greeks associated them with love and fertility. Figs are a great source of flavonoids and antioxidants, and it has been found that figs can increase sexual stamina" -- from somewhere on the web-o-la.) 8. Cats (or pussy-cats)... ahem... are shown in the original video. One site quoted a band member as saying "the cats were fed valium" ... for some reason. 9. So the banquet/feast unfortunately descends to an orgy... 10. Everything about the song speaks of Sensuous things. And God is all for sensuous things. His only wise condition is marriage -- prior to the 'skin cell exchange fiesta' -- is commitment [très important]. (The book Song of Songs in the Old Testament has very vivid sexual references -- in the original Hebrew).

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