Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter, and Farruko team up for a new hero anthem entitled “On My Way“. Based on a futuristic Alan Walker and Big Fred production, the song blends English and Spanish perfectly to express that feeling we all get before doing something that’s right, even if it paralyzes us with fear. Let’s break down the song’s lyrics to find out what Sabrina and Farruko want to tell us.

In the first verse, Sabrina seems to be describing that moment we all see in action movies when the hero prepares to go on a mission to fight the evil. Transposing herself in the character, Sabrina tells us that she doesn’t want to talk or interact with anyone before the final battle happens but instead she wants a few moments for herself. Even if she’s playing the hero, the singer is also feeling scared and a bit frustrated that the rest of the world doesn’t understand her. She’s actually a regular person even if everyone perceives her as a superhuman.

In the pre-chorus, Sabrina tells us that the entire scene is actually a ritual and once she’s done sharing a few tears, she’ll be back on her feet and ready to save the world. In fact, she mentions that she’s capable of taking her misery and using it as a weapon, something that everyone seems to love about her. In the Chorus, the singer tells us that after going through these moods, she feels wide awake and conscious that she is the only person capable of watching her back. She is now fully functional and on her way to save the world.

Let Take a Break and Watch the Music Video

In the second verse, Farruko tells us that his battleground is actually a love story. Right from the beginning of his verse, the singer mentions that he’s not feeling comfortable in this situation and the only way he can become a better person is to end the relationship. After numerous fights, Farruko decided to so and take the blame on himself. Even if he loves the other person involved, breaking up was probably the best option for both of them.

Moral of the song? Each and every one of us is a hero for the simple fact that we’re able to put up our game face every single day of the week. Even if it takes strength and courage to play our part in this world, it’s okay to cry and feel scared sometimes. As long as we’re able to and get back on our feet and grow as a person, we’re on the right path.

alan walker sabrina carpenter farruko on my way
Alan Walker, Sabrina Carpenter & Farruko – On My Way via YouTube

Interesting Facts About Alan Walker and His “Own My Way” Single

In 2021, when you read this title and this headline, it kind of seems like Alan Walker is going on a mission in his latest single “Own My Way” to fix the virus, doesn’t it?

Ha-ha! Thought so!

Well, Walker is doing no such thing! The song is actually about a person who is leaving a bad relationship. The song’s video depicts a female character who essentially leaves her life behind in order to “save the world.”

Kudos to Alan Walker though, he clearly was way ahead of all of us with the mask-wearing thing. For some strange reason, the man has always worn a black mask in the past –way before the coronavirus ever became a thing! Could he be a “time-traveler superstar” or a psychic superhero that foresaw the pandemic long before it happened??


Why Alan Walker Always Wears a Mask

According to Alan, his reason for wearing the black mask in his music videos and at his shows is this:

It has become a part of my uniform. I wear it to symbolize that people are all the same and all equal. I like to believe that anyone could be the person behind the mask, and anyone can achieve amazing things.

Alan Walker

Nicely done Alan! That’s a heck of a great reason to wear a mask. Well, in 2021, guess we are all kind of saving the world through the same gesture…and that’s an amazing thing.