Hip Hop heavyweight Eminem teams up with new sensation Joyner Lucas to express his disagreement with the current state of the music industry in his latest studio effort “Lucky You.”

Lucky You Meaning

The song tackles topics such as Em’ being overlooked in the current music scene and Joyner still struggling to receive his recognition despite putting out solid studio records such as ‘I’m not racist‘. Below we’re going to break down the exact meaning of their verses from ‘Lucky You‘.

Lucky You Break Down

The song starts with a Bridge where Joyner Lucas tells us that he doesn’t regret his music career so far or his style of rapping even if that means he’s never going to get a Grammy for them. Up next, the rapper cuts straight to the point and shares that he highly disapproves the current state of Hip Hop and that he plans on ruining a bunch of rapper’s careers even if that means he needs to put his at stake for that to happen.

In the Chorus Joyner tells his competition that it is time to move from the spotlight while in Verse 1 he makes it clear that he’s aiming at everyone that stands in his way. In fact, the rapper doesn’t plan on sparing everyone from this rampage and that includes rappers that might have gone platinum and experienced immense success in the last few months or years. He’s coming at the rap game full force while he is now aware that other rappers are what’s keeping him from receiving the recognition he deserves.

eminem lucky you featuring joyner lucas 2
Eminem – Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas via YouTube

The Current State of Hip Hop

He’s knows that well now and even if things don’t change, at least he plans on taking everyone down with him as he fades away from the game while being the underdog. Eminem on the other hand is on the opposite side of the game as he tells us in the next Bridge. He’s been in the music industry for years, he won his awards and received his recognition but he still feels like he has more to prove.

They’re askin’ me “What the f*** happened to hip-hop?”
I said “I don’t have any answers”
‘Cause I took an L when I dropped my last album

Em’ co-signs the statement that Hip Hop is in a weird phase at the moment. He is amazed how fans are actually accepting certain compromises such as having a ghostwriter. Even Eminem can’t find an acceptable answer when he’s asked about the current state of Hip Hop while he admits that his last album was mediocre as well. But now the rapper is back with a new album that he’s confident of but even if his work is solid, he still doesn’t feel like he’s winning because he has no fair competitors right now.

Up next, Em’ takes a clear shot at mumble rappers and their weak lyrics that don’t even make sense to him while praising old school Hip Hop acts such as Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Andre 3000 and Masta Ace. He goes on by dissing mumble rappers once again withAll the lean rappin’, face tats, syruped out like tree sap .

Next, the rapper tells us that he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to smash this new age rapper’s wave, even if that means going back to his old him. The bottom line is, he’s hungry and more humble than he ever was while working tirelessly to achieve success once again.

eminem lucky you featuring joyner lucas
Eminem – Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas via YouTube

3 Obvious Similarities Between Joyner Lucas and Eminem You Haven’t Noticed

Eminem and Joyner Lucas may be from different “schools” or generations in hip-hop music. They may also have very different styles, messages, and points of focus in their art. However, one listen to their smash hit collaboration “Lucky You” makes you understand why they have so much chemistry. It is potentially because of their glaring similarities. Here are some unusual but obvious similarities between the two rappers.

1. Anger

Yes, if you are familiar with the two rappers’ music, you will realize they both sound angry and frustrated in most of their songs –with Eminem being the angrier one. Machine Gun Kelly even teased the “Rap God” about his anger in his lyrical attack on the legendary rapper titled “Rap Devil.” Notably, a quick listen to some of Joyner’s best hits, such as “I’m Not Racist” and “Devils Work” reveals he is normally angry in his songs too.

2. Controversy

Joyner and Em may be from different hip-hop generations –but they are no strangers to controversy in their art. They have both actually sparked off quite a lot of it in their careers. Eminem sparked off lots of controversy with his very first hit song “My Name Is” which seemed to promote violence, drugs, and obscenity to children. Joyner, like Eminem, also seemingly shares a love for controversy. For instance, like Em, Joyner has rapped about controversial topics such as racism. Joyner sparked off a lot of fire with his hit song “I am Not Racist.” Eminem equally sparked off racial controversy on his album “Revival” not so long ago. In addition, Joyner also sparked off a religious controversy with the lyrics and video for his hit song “Devil’s Work.”

3. Direct Attacks at Their Presidents

It’s no secret that both rappers have directly attacked sitting Presidents of the United States in their careers. With Eminem attacking George Bush in his song “Mosh” –and Donald Trump on many songs in his “Revival” album. Joyner also directly attacked Trump during his time in office on his song “Devil’s Work.”

These are just a few of the glaring similarities between the two rappers. We could go on all day but we’ll stop here.