After weeks of teasing the song on social media, Sam Smith releases a brand-new single under the name of ‘How Do You Sleep?‘. While taking a chance and trying something new compared to his usual ballads, the singer mentioned in a recent interview that he’s now ready to explore his freedom. Let’s see what this means when it comes to his music by breaking down the lyrics of the single and the meaning behind them.

In the first verse, Sam suggests that he was in a dark place for quite a while, going as far as hating himself for what he feels. Fortunately for him, the singer managed to gather the strength to move on, but when he managed to convince himself that it’s over, his ex-lover makes a new appearance in his life. This means that Sam is on the verge of falling for this person once again, even if this could result in endless love games.

Losing Sleep and Confused

In the pre-chorus, the singer tells us that this state of confusion affected him so hard that he doesn’t even know who he is anymore. But when he was ready to give out his heart once again, Sam takes a peak in his partner’s phone to see that love is just a game for this person. This was when the singer realized that he’s extremely naive and accepts the truth instead of falsely believing that this relationship has a future.

sam smith how do you sleep 2
Sam Smith – How Do You Sleep? via YouTube

The Chorus comes with the artist asking himself how his partner is able to sleep at night knowing how much pain Sam feels from this confusing situation. All the fear, shame, danger, and pressure generated, makes the artist extremely unsettled with this relationship while he keeps asking himself if it was ever worth it.

In Verse Two, the artist manages to talk himself some sense while being convinced that he’s not that desperate and not that crazy to continue the toxic relationship. Yet, he still asks himself how did he get into this situation but in the end, he leaves his partner while choosing to focus on himself instead of someone that doesn’t care. The moral of the song is that it’s not worth being the second option in a relationship, so instead of chasing someone that doesn’t put in the effort, we should all focus on growing as a person.

Sam Smith’s Moves in ‘How Do You Sleep’ Got Praised by His Choreographer

After watching Sam Smith’s “How Do You Sleep” video, it quickly dawns on you that Sam is a hell of a dancer. Some of the moves in the video can pretty much have Shakira nodding her head and gyrating alongside Sam in approval.

Sam pulls off quite a few captivating moves, including some Shakira-Esque hip-swaying which leaves you completely dumbstruck and at a loss for words. It’s no wonder his choreographer Parris Goebel praised Sam for the notable moves after receiving praise from the artist as well. Sam really did unleash the inner dancing queen that had been tucked and hidden away for a long time. 

In addition, Sam has revealed that the dances had been planned for a long time. However, Sam previously didn’t feel comfortable on stage or dancing in public. Imagine that? Sam says he felt restricted and that coming to terms with his gender resulted in an increase in confidence for him. We are really happy for Sam and are yet to see what more will be pulled out of the hat.

What do you think of Sam Smith’s moves in the “How Do You Sleep” video?