Released on March 12, 2015, as the second single “You Changed Me” from Jamie Foxx’s fifth studio album Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses (2015) features Chris Brown.

Jamie Foxx - You Changed Me (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown
Jamie Foxx – You Changed Me (Explicit) ft. Chris Brown via YouTube

The song has captivating lyrics that rumors about Jamie Foxx’s hidden Relationship with Katie Holmes reappeared when this song released describing the girl as light-skinned, beautiful, and in a TV show. In addition to that, fans got fired up after a picture of Jamie seen leaning back in his seat, holding Katie’s hand and looking at her, with his legs inconspicuously intertwining hers.

Jamie Foxx with Katies Holmes
Jamie Foxx is seen leaning back in his seat, holding Katie’s hand

This song shows beyond a doubt that love can change a man. A woman who totally changed their unbridled ways, and transformed them into men of genuine substance.

The music video has a scene where the girl shows up in the club and from afar Jamie was chilling which is quite similar to the latter’s meeting in the Hamptons in August of 2013, so he walks over to her and begins a conversation, he found out how incredibly attractive this woman is, simple and down to earth.

Watch the “You Changed Me” Music Video if You Haven’t yet Seen the Scene

In the second verse of the song, Chris Brown is playfully describing how lovemaking is with his woman. He also expressed that the woman he was alluding to was the woman he wanted to settle down with, he added how careful his association with her that he is willing to surrender his life of womanizing just to prove his affection for her.

You know what I’m missin’, fiendin’ for your kisses

Girl you don’t even know
All the b****** I let go, for you

At last, the outro of the song where Jamie Foxx expressed how he traveled the world and lived in that moment with different women and in different places yet the woman in his melody is exceptional and that she is the singular case out of the many others who fill that void in his heart.

The gossip about him and Katie Holmes may surface and reemerge nonetheless, the pair knows the real score.

You Changed Me
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