Lil Mama
Lil Mama

Big Tymers - Lil Mama Lyrics

Apr 30, 2002
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Lil Mama Lyrics

[Chorus - Lac]
Lil mamma you in third, you should be in first
Do your daddy and your mamma know the way that you curse?
Your lying 'bout your age and giving up fast
They need to put you back in first you're moving too fast

When you shake it, shake it, shake it - you need to quit
When drop it, drop it, drop it - that ain't the tip
When you twerk it, twerk it, twerk it- that ain't the lick
When you pop it, pop it, pop it - that ain't the shit

[Mannie Fresh]
See the story take place in the back of the club
About this shorty that I know and we gone call her "Young Love"
See lil one like pa, he was the neighbor hood baller
Gucci and Lucci drove a candy and prowler
One more thing I forgot to tell
Young one sixteen bro and she burning like hell
Yo my fault, Pa was 26
Now back to the story bout' the little lost chick
Your man got lil one in the V.I.P.
With his hands in her pants going "You're so sexy"
Your not dumb but your young, you'll believe what your hearing
You gone sex off the X and your homies cheering
What's even sadder you don't even know what you're doing
Hey young world your whole life's ruined
But what you don't know gonna hurt you tonight
You didn't use a rubber and Pa ain't right


Man chill in Miami lil head in the projects
On the passenger side with Tammy in the drop Lexus
Me and Fresh at the light in S500 on dub deuces
Bumping some old Cash Money
Got 10 round my neck, 20 on my wrist
Million dollar nut, million dollar kiss
Pull up in the Lexus, sipping on Don P
Hold on Fresh let me get back to this story
Her Sheila freak dealers that only drive Benz
Her mamma said "My daughters gonna end up in the pen"
But wodie she'll fuck for ends and clothing
She thought she made more money from tricking and hoing
But when her nigga scored the dope she held the stacks
And when that nigga hit the club they be full of that yak
She a hard headed, with a diamond in her tongue
And a tattoo on her ass saying "come get some"


Now Stone told me "Stunna, Kisha wasn't right,
After the Hot Boys had her I fucked the same night"
Now Kisha from Miami ran with Lisa and Candy
Met her at Coco's on the hot strip dancing
Now Trick Daddy told me bout' mom's new clique
But my lil partner Damian wanted to raw-dog the bitch
I'm a three stunna blinder, pop X with the chick
I'm full of the white trying to down this bitch

[Mannie Fresh]
Slow it down, hold it up, get back to your class
Act your age lil mamma stop shaking your ass
Big wheels, X pills, whatcha know bout' that?
Got the old nigga name tattooed on your back
Bet your mamma don't know that you're fucking and shit
And ever since yay high you've been getting a dick
But it's your life and it's your biz
Four different baby-daddies, get how you live


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