The Money "So Fresh"
The Money "So Fresh"

The Money "So Fresh" Lyrics Meanings
by Birdman

Dec 11, 2007
The Money "So Fresh" Music Video

The Money "So Fresh" Lyrics

So fresh, coming through shining on them pussies
Keep that lime on me nigga, get money on them pussies
So fresh, shining all the time my ice be bubbly
Gucci tailor made and them hoes so lovely
So fresh, got the candy on the seat
The melt and the package nigga under the heat
He so fresh, so the time be the time
Throw a muscle nigga shine, so we stay up on the grind

Yeah this big money talk, see I got it from the big nigga
From a lil' nigga, to the field nigga
Mold and swole, nigga want the whole blow
So we put the game down and we got in under control
Disrespect the G code, no fuck that,
We know, how them pussy niggas just act up and go home
Yeah, I've seen it like a man stood up like a man
See I did it with a gun in my hand
Fresh, whether get it any weather
Rain or snow we shine for the cheddar
Money in the lama how we ride when we grindin' on 'em
Birds keep flyin' while these niggas keep hatin' on us
Yea thats why they come up so short
Like court the new sport, tell me this ain't pussy


Find me in another town doing it like its my town
Five star G homie anywhere I lay my crown
Burned up with a few bitches, may know about the riches
Boss hog nigga, thats a well to these new fishes
So we chill at the hotel, five star flamin' and she know me well
And just my thing going straight to the bank
And how we work that thing you know the game bring money over bitches
And bitches over money, them hoes chasing so a nigga keep running
Back to my saddle homie, mills and pounds on 'em
Uptown crown see the number above the digits
See we live above the heights, do it under the lights
We do it so right, so right
Like picked tomatoes, ripe picked tomatoes
Make you hate a tomato bitch!


Landed on my island again, jet pack helicopter
Know I got that other chopper, thats how I'm flyin' homie
Hittin' them switches on 'em
Complete a mission on 'em
One of a kind sky high is how we gettin' it on 'em
Got the money though, train of bird bags
Gucci and Roberto bags, Louis and Fendi bags
You know we trippin' homie, tear the whole mall down
Its big money homie, this is how we shut it down
Nigga we sip to dip, dip on this money while we chasin' flips
Higher than high life, thats just another sight
Put it in your life, thats just another flight
Gotta car on full, mash the whole gas nigga get it till your good
See I play it for the hood, got it out the hood and a nigga ain't full


Writer(s): Ronald Ferebee, Bryan Williams, Composer/Author Unknown
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Royalty Network
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

The Money "So Fresh" Meanings

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