Get On Down cover
Get On Down cover

Get On Down Lyrics Meanings
by Cadence Weapon

Get On Down Lyrics

Nobody fresher, flyer than a single engine Cessna
With the propellers, I'm stellar, more electric than Tesla
I'm effervescent, don't second guess it, you're Stepin Fetchit
My special essence invests in lessons, you get the message
I keep it dirty, they're cleaner than disinfectant
Absurdly, listen to words and get easily misdirected
Your incestuous scene is simply incessant
The scene that celebrates itself, look at you kissing yourself, well
Rappers are like businesses reporting their wealth
Treat 'em with dissidence, they witnesses, recording in stealth
Corporate rappers always hire up subordinates
To carry weed for them on tour but talent's disproportionate
You bitch and moan a bit, heard you crying like Roy Orbison
You got extorted, shit, sounds twisted like contortionists
Bought the big house after living in an orphanage
You got the belt? You need to fork it over, kid, forfeit it

Party people wanna get on down, me and my people wanna get on down
You hear the music, baby

Me and my intimate friend be living in sin
Hittin' skins again and again and again
Can't contend with my pen, infinite wisdom
Get some and get in, my feminine wins
In the end, my thing be givin' her spins
No make pretend, break backs, shake when we blend
Bake and wake like Finnegan, yo begin again
Take what I make, based on adrenaline
Remakes never make back the stakes that they spend
Studio is tired of you recoupin'
Won't break even 'til the bicentennial
Watch me pull girls without speakin'
Sip gin 'til the poker make them strip skin
All from my licentious grin
Turnstiles spin as the freaks squeeze in
Just to hear me speak the news like 1010 WINS

Writer(s): Roland Pemberton
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Get On Down Meanings

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