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Chaos Lyrics

You make sure you never lose
You only want to win
You use your head to find new
Ways to make people give in
Taking what they have
Becoming a good friend
But now that they have seen the light
You'll come to your end
Never giving nothing, Always giving a lie
Never giving nothing, People sussed your sly
You always take without giving
You've never heard of honesty
Times are hard for everyone else
But you can't bloody see
People queuing at your door
Begging for some food
You just slam the door on them
And tell them to get screwed

Spending money you have saved
Working all your life
Give it to the people
Who control boring life
Living without living
Fashion you must change
To be in with the in-crowd
Who live their life the same
Fashion you must change
To keep up with the trend
The money you are saving
Is coming to an end
People, they will follow
The changing of the trend
The fashion they have chosen
Will create a financial friend
Six months, they have passed
Another fashion comes
Work some boring overtime
To help the financial friend

You'll never have the authority
To be in charge of me
So don't give me your orders
Or your boring commentary
Just because you think
You're of a so called better breed
You seem to think that you're so special
But you don't fucking own me
Use me to make money
In your shitty factories
And I'll have to live and suffer
On a pathetic salary

Don't you look outside your window
It's cold outside
It's cold outside
People stare and you don't know
It's cold outside
It's cold outside
You watch people come as they go
It's cold outside
It's cold outside
Tally on and nowhere to go
It's cold outside
It's cold outside
The end is nigh or so they reckon
It's cold outside
It's cold outside
What's that flash on the horizon?
I don't know
I don't know

They're only going through a phase
Kids are all the same
They don't know their own right minds
It's only a silly game
They don't know what their talking about
They just talk a load of shit
If we just ignore them
They'll forget about it
Parental love is just a farce
Don't be taken for a ride
We know you're only young
But feel free to speak your mind
Do not work and do not pray
Ignore the bores at school
Live your life your own way
Don't be nobody's fool
Counteract the system
Youngsters are the best
Counteract the system
Become a real pest

Politicians one after one
Creating havoc and having fun
Pulling our lives to bits and pieces
Sucking and crawling like common leeches
Vote for me, I'm SDP
No vote labor, no vote Tory
You don't know which one to choose
It doesn't matter, you'll always lose
You're just a load of pointless bastards; You haven't got a brain
You're just a load of pointless bastards; You're driving me insane
What makes people vote 'em in
I can't see the reason
There's no justice in the lot of 'em
They're all just legalized treason
Police harassment on our streets
Nuclear war at our feet
Unemployment up again
It's just for their financial gain

Don't want to be your fucking hero
Don't want to be your fucking star
They use your money and exploit your name
Using people is the name of the game
They say wear bondage and a messy suit
You're just another dumb recruit
Don't know what we're gonna do
We just can't get through to you
They take your money; You work so hard
But you'll just get an unemployment card
In the day, you're just a lad
You're a poser, it ain't so bad
I ain't a poser or a fucking star
I don't drive a flash fucking car
Chaos in society, you're to blame
In years to come, it'll be the same

Writer(s): FARRIER, RICE
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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