Dark Was The Case Lyrics

(Gaza ting, hahaha)

Dog, ah what that? (Ah what that?)
You better take a chance off of that (yeah)
You better take a class off of that (off of that)
I look at you and laugh, are you mad?
Cars couple niggas (yeah), armed off of that (yeah)
Gaza attack (attack), Gaza for that (Gaza for)
I wouldn't take a chance, are you mad? (Are you mad?)
I put you in the grass with your man (switch it)

Yeah, New Jack City
You greazy? You that gritty?
New biscuit, new McVitie
In the crack house, it's crack city
Yeah, jack it up
Jacket on, collars on my jacket up (ah)
Talking, niggas couldn't back it up
If I say so, niggas gonna wrap it up (haha)
Yeah, niggas paying the price
If he keeps playing 'round, he's gonna pay with his life (yeah)
He played once, he wants to play with it twice (facts)
This little man ain't good at taking advice (nah)
I did bad but I'm making it right
I'm outside but I'm making it nice (tryin')
Your cheap shots but you're faking the fight (fake)
I beat shots while I'm baking the pie (kick it)
I beat box while I'm making a vibe, yeah
You speak lots, are you taking a side? Yeah
I keep Glocks just in case you reply, yeah
The beat knocks, nigga face it I'm, fly (ooh)

'But you deaded who?
Fuck a Freddy Krueger, nigga Freddy who? (Nah)
Take everyting, and your pennies too
Animals raid any zoo
Floss it all, niggas went and lost it all (lost it)
Big boss, hollow went and buss it all (buss it)
And it's possible, 'cause of animosity (why?)
Saw him posted, caught him with the what's it called?
Own these niggas, 'cause we're the owners
Fuck it, we're all over niggas and it's a bonus
If you couldn't zone with niggas, you should've told us
Said it on the internet but couldn't phone us (haha)

Dark was the case (the case)
Them main man had to dark up the place (dark up the place)
Them niggas work too hard for the face (yeah)
I'm lookin' at the grass for the snakes (jheeze)
These little niggas need to take all the shine
The street life, yeah they're wasting their time (trust)
It's look there, you're mistaking a sign
You can't see, you're forsaken and blind (yeah)
I take that, and I'm making it mine
I work hard, you're mistaking the grind (trust)
I don't cry, I just take it and climn, yeah (climb)
I take food, then I place it and dine
I'm at home chilling out with my boy
And Ilya while she plays with her slime (yeah)
And keep watch while she plays on the slide (yeah)
And don't watch what I make on the side
I'm outside on the phone to Amel
I'm like, "Son, ain't you coming to mine?"
He's like, "Dad, can't I come there next week?"
I'm like, "Son, can't you make up your mind?" (Haha)
Yeah, I'm uplifted, I made a design (yeah)
I'm so gifted, I ain't even tryin'
I bet you want riches, be labeled the guy
I look at old pictures and maybe I (yeah)
Maybe I shrug, and maybe I sigh
'Cause they wanna link up, or maybe I'll lie
Could be winter, or maybe July (yeah)
Maybe Dubai (yeah), or maybe Mumbai

(Dark was the case)

Writer(s): Jason Thompson, Nathaniel Thompson
Copyright(s): Lyrics © BMG Rights Management
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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