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Millennium Bug

Millennium Bug Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
So we're sitting here again,
We're retracing where we've been.
And you just nod your head,
And I just nod my head.
Verse 2
So it's six o'clock again,
I'm repeating what I've said.
Do you want to screw me?
Let's go rent a movie.
Verse 3
And this room it suits us fine,
The temperature's just right.
The candle's not too bright.
I don't dare to go outside,
'Cause I'm sure that I would wither in the light.
Verse 4
Familiar gestures mark the time,
You tell me everything's just fine.
And you just go to bed.
And I just go to bed.
Verse 5
Here it's nineteen ninety-nine.
And we've got our place in line.
They're accepting applications,
For early resignation.
Verse 6
Yeah, we're sitting here again,
I'm repeating what I've said,
'Bout how you'll just sink like lead.
And I'll just sink like lead.
Verse 7
Here it's nineteen ninety-nine,
I've still got my place in line.
But when it finally gets me,
I hope that I go quickly.
Verse 8
It's too late to change our minds,
There's nowhere else to be,
And we like the company.
I don't dare to go outside,
Lest the beauty bring me weeping to my knees.

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