Braggin' cover
Braggin' cover

Braggin' Lyrics Meanings
by Jonesy

Braggin' Lyrics

Yuh yuh yuh
The Boy Wonder's back

Fill my cup
To the brim
Imma take another sip
Imma take another hit
Yeah I'm feelin' high as shit
Whole squad here
Ooh it's lit
Honeys too
And they thick
Whole place is shakin' when we move in this bitch
Whole place is shakin' cause this song is a hit
I'm the kid
Yeah they know
Jonesy got that nasty flow
Bars so fierce
And so clean
They be drippin' in some gold
My spit mean
Funny thing
I just barely turned 20 years old
Still so much ahead of me
I got so much potential
Capacity in my mental
It is infinite for sure
This one slaps
So damn hard
It don't need a chorus no
Shawty you
So damn fine
I'm thinkin' it's time to roll
Be mine just tonight
I promise to let you go
Imma let you go for real

So they thought I was a one and done
No way
That's lame
Homie this shit's only just begun
I'm here
To stay
Imma keep spittin' my fire
Yeah that's flame
And I ain't gonna stop 'til I'm at the top of the game
No way
No chains around my neck
But I got the ice inside my veins
That's cold
That's cold
Like a slurpee
Brain freeze got me goin' insane
Can't even remember my own name
Imma go
Imma go hard in the paint
People talkin' shit
But I feel no pain
Better keep my little ass in school
So I can be a smart rapper
No fool
This college knowledge is the proof
That my rhymes too smooth for you
Savage as fuck
And that's the truth
But I still respect my baby boo
Lil' mama cried when I dropped Bulletproof
Other team cried when they heard that swoosh
Imma fuckin' sniper
So I'm gonna shoot
3 stripes all up on my shoes
3 best friends all in my coupe
Frogboy too
They my day one dudes
From my Oregon hometown roots
503 was where we played
503 was where we'd slay
503 was where we'd skate
Play Xbox and stay up late
Now we on some grown man ish
I'm rapping
Trey taking pics
Willy workin' Home Depot shifts
Weave's runnin' track
He's fast as shit
My whole squad we fuckin' lit
I'm braggin' don't give a shit
I'm boasting about my life
Cause this shit is pretty tight
I count my blessings everyday
I count my blessings every night
Hoping they don't fade away
Hoping everything's alright
But right now just pour me up
I need that good shit in my cup
We all here to celebrate
'Til we bring the roof down in this place
'Til the cops come and shut us down
We gon' own this fuckin' town

Writer(s): Jonesy
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
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