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Because of You
by Jump Little Children

Because of You Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Goodnight to the river
Goodnight to the harbor lights
Goodnight to the city
Goodnight will never be the same
Because of you
I can sit here drinking licorice tea
And stare up at the golden moon
Just picturing the way things used to be
Hot sun in the middle of June
You were there in your peach silk dress
Laughing at me 'cause I was a mess
A tall glass of lemonade
Come on let's go lay down in the shade
It really wasn't that long ago
It really wasn't that long ago
And I can sit here in my rocking chair
Down by the riverside
And I can think about your golden hair
But I'll think about my foolish pride
You were there beside me
Lay down your head sweet rosemary
Just you and me and a distant hound
Just one kiss and the sun went down
It really wasn't that long ago
It really wasn't that long ago
Let the city drag me down
Like she just might do
'Til I'm scraping the ground
With holes in my shoes
With my head spinning round
But I ain't going down not
Because of you

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