Snapshot Memories
Snapshot Memories

Snapshot Memories Lyrics Meanings
by Just Jack

Sep 25, 2002
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Snapshot Memories Lyrics

[Part I]

Well I'm a secret lemonade drinker a free thinker
I stay focused but not blinkered
And these snapshot memories in my mind
Legacies from another time
And I find
That as the days pass the colours fade
But the images remain

[Part II]

Grazed knees, page three's
BMX, Atari's

Dayglo, Velcro
Yoyo's, Beano's

Hip hop, don't stop

Starwars figures, football stickers
Cola bottles, Jerry Cottles

Fat laces, dirty faces
Kiss chases, Wacky Races

Herbie Hancock, Kurtis Blow
Roxanne Shanté, UFO

Hip hop
Don't stop

[Part III]

Everything's in slow motion
Hands in the air
Sweat flying everywhere
But we don't care
Well you could try to fight the feeling
But I can't see the use
There's so much love in this room
And yes its all drug induced
Can't remember who I am
Or what I'm doing here
But at the same time
In my mind
Everything is clear
No fear and no drama
It's all good karma
And I never can forget
The night before the morning after


Sun up to sun down
Come up to come down
Just waiting for Friday to come around
Sun rise to sun set
How high can we get
Monday morning and none of us have slept yet

Well there's more to life than this
Of that I'm fully aware
But there's nothing more intense
Than crazy nights we shared
We got bass for the body
Chemicals for the head
Every day lives
Were like a skin we shed
Well you could try to fight the feeling
But I can't see the use
There's so much love in this room
Of that we're living proof
You could try to fight the feeling
But I can't see the use
It's a shame that in the end
It was all drug induced


[Part IV]

Even as I watch you
All the rest seems to disappear
You pull me in with your tractor beams
And wrap me up in your wicked schemes
My Sunday morning eyes observe
Your Cadbury's skin uncurve
And in tronic patterned Venetian light
You moonwalk to the bathroom
Well you move across my space without friction
You're so unbelievable you must be fiction
Or perhaps a premonition
But as I listen
I hear your footfall softly
And all my troubles fall away from me
So easily
But so slowly

[Part V]

All these memories in my mind
I'm still a secret lemonade drinker

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