Free Years Later
Free Years Later

Kano - Free Years Later Lyrics

In "Free Years Later," Kano takes us on a reflective rollercoaster through the highs and lows of fame, fortune, and the streets. With sharp wit and even sharper insights, he unpacks the complexities of success—where champagne toasts in Sancerre meet gritty… Read more

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Free Years Later Lyrics

Glass half empty, waking from dreams, chasing my fears
I ain't never cried so much tears in all these years
Success brings more stress, my vision's clear
But from when I was 2020 my mother weren't in arrears
Big S class, leather chairs, I'm in the rear
Driver don't stop at all, but Buju blares
Makin' dough but my bro's having a mare
But as soon as bread bakes, it breaks my brothers, bless
I would keep him in my prayers but I don't pray
I put my hands together but it's more like Birdman these days
I ain't ever Wayne'd a brudda, that's a major uh-uh
I ain't ever take another from a native brother
I swear had a conversation with Claire, the realest, yeah
It's funny how you don't know they're there until they're there
Hope that touring ain't takin' too much toll on the kids
But your fella, that's a real good fella, I need him there
Tryna take the clique legit and not to make West End clubs
'Cause playing roulette with the roads
The odds are stacked against us
Anyway, tempt fate not by who says luck will share
Can't keep leaving the yard breaking a leg
Koj and Pops CÎROC on the block with Jus D
Kai got youts on lock will set speed
Love, that's a dangerous thing
You pinch me? Hymn sheet
And a cheap black suit for them chiefs
You gotta know the levels
You gotta know the kettles
You gotta know the factory settings from the frozen bezels
Yeah, I know the curry goat just like I know Sorrento
But you gotta know the roasted cuts sittin' under lentils, huh
Long nights, cold white wine, that's Sancerre
Eye contact with the cheers, that's young stare
Rare rapper, no compare with no breh
No pen, no comment with no fed
Dreamt of Monte Carlo, blow a likkle hard dough
I just blew your little Prada's on some fish at Nando's
I ain't never been a Pablo, I been working hard bro
We need to stop the two-tone Cartiers at mummy's yard though
I know road man, used to diss a man for leasing cars, no
If it don't appreciate the value that we nah own
Used to be a Barksdale man, but now I fuck with Marlo
You can't fuck with my throne you little fucking arsehole
'Cause I'm royal

And I be getting so much money on the road
Rich, think I need a pay cut
'Cause some Babylon boy wan' cuff me in the streets and lock me in a station
I heard that it cost to be the boss, guess I'm lucky that I'm bludclart James'd up
Patterned that from day dot, middle finger raised up, fuck you little haters yeah

Babylon boy, look how they raided Stormzy
This is Cristal, not a case of 40's
The don't wanna see us off estates with all these
Young, rich Morley, still eatin' Morley's
They want more Campbell's and less Gordy's
I just turned down a hundred G, bossy
Whip too much raunchy too much saucy
Vroom, vroom, vrooming up the A40
Pussy telling porkies, tried to assault me
Musta been a big plot to extort me
Now the prosecution wanna crown court me
Might have to sit down but I'ma stand tall G
I create history, they try to distort V
Grade for the credit but they six foot me
Rather that than graves for the chains and some shit jewelry
Only my guys and flies on the wall
Can tell the kid's story this probably
Last track he got the Richard Mille
Now, thingy just got guilty for the thingy
Heart fucking bleeds for the kiddy
Anything he needs, it's no biggie
Mandem know I do it for the city, that's an understatement
Paying me the utmost respect, that's still an underpayment
Whisper all my props in my ear, it's never public ain't it
Fuck your greatest, how many times must I hush the haters?
Tell us something 'bout our music now, oh, you so proud
Lethal laughing to the Coutts account, now you approve of Pow
Never had a silver spoon in mouth, now mummy's super proud
Couple new trophies for the house that I could do without
Fuck a nomination, I just go for the suit
Handful of friends, that's why I go for the coupe
Manoeuvre through the game 'cause I grew from the roots
What D Double did for me, I just do for the youts

Writer(s): Andrew Hale, Beresford Romeo, Blue May, Helen Adu, Jodi Dean Milliner, Kane Robinson
Copyright(s): Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Downtown Music Publishing
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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What is the Meaning of Free Years Later?

In "Free Years Later," Kano takes us on a reflective rollercoaster through the highs and lows of fame, fortune, and the streets. With sharp wit and even sharper insights, he unpacks the complexities of success—where champagne toasts in Sancerre meet gritty reality checks back home. The track is a lyrical labyrinth, revealing that climbing to the top might just mean dodging more bullets than anticipated, both metaphorically and literally. Amidst all this, Kano doesn't forget his roots or his role as an elder statesman in the grime scene, proving that even as he sips Cristal, he's still down to earth enough to munch on Morley's. It’s a classy affair with a side of street wisdom—because who says you can’t have your cake and eat it with a little fish from Nando’s?

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