Kitchens of Distinction On Tooting Broadway Station cover

On Tooting Broadway Station
by Kitchens of Distinction
Lyrics and Meaning

Aug 4, 1992

On Tooting Broadway Station Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
On Tooting Broadway station
I knelt down and wept.
My hands hit the concrete floor
Until my fingers bled.
Verse 2
I will cut him out of my heart,
I will leave these tears in pools.
Tripped over these pourings, tripped over his feelings,
I've cut him out of my heart.
Verse 3
Burn, burn his clothes,
Burn everything he owned
And the empty chamber left,
I'll carry around as this hollowness
That drags in my voice.
Verse 4
Burn, burn it all,
Burn, burn it all.
Benedictory fire, blessing of the burns.
Verse 5
On Tooting Broadway station
I lay down and slept.
The concrete for a pillow,
Fingers in bandages.
Verse 6
I cut him out I lie here dry,
I unstiched the bindweed of love.
Verse 7
Burn, burn his clothes...
Burn, burn it all...
My John of Arc...
burn, burn it all...
Verse 8
Give me his charred heart,
Give me his fillings.
And god, give me god to forgive me.
Verse 9
Burn, burn it all...
My John of Arc, fire fire.
My John of Arc,
fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire.

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