Uber Eats Freestyle
Uber Eats Freestyle

Uber Eats Freestyle Lyrics Meanings
by Lil AK

Sep 4, 2020
Uber Eats Freestyle Music Video

Uber Eats Freestyle Lyrics

(How you know Meech still got that heat?)


Got a Spanish little shawty, pussy taste like empanada
I just pull up with the choppa, make you spray (grr-prrata)
Coupe is swervin' when I pilot, used to drive an Impala
Shawty totin' like she got it, pulled up and made her drop it
Niggas starin', I feel bothered, diamonds sound like they're kollatic
Only had a little thot, now I got a whole lotta
Lotta bands, lotta rocks, Alexander Wang socks
All these G's in this (haha), yeah
You know Virgil on the shoes, like a hundred on the jewels
Candy paint will never rot, now it's granted that she drool
And it's granted that I pull, got a million dollar pool
Got a baddie in the pool, and she suckin' off the crew
Lobsters boil in the pot, money grow up like the stock
Post a pic and she hot, so I slid in her box
Lotta food at the top, yeah, the bread never stops
And my Rol' never stops, whippin' Rolls, never stops
Got a bad little shawty, pussy taste like enchilada
I just roll up with a choppa and the trigger never lock up
Her pussy never need water, pussy don't make me tired
Fortune get your daughter, but fortunately I got it
Ballin', don't get me started, God, I knew when to start it
Gotta know when to stop, so I pull up with a Glock
Gotta pull up on you, shawty, shawty
Pull up and slide
Got a bad little shawty, pussy taste like a Coolatta
I done made a whole lotta money, put it in my locker
Put in my locker, pull up, mans look like shotta
Politics, like Barack, uh, yeah, hahaha
Got a bad little shawty, pussy taste like cran' and vodka
I'm the man with these shawtys, they can't ban me from the party
I'm a playboy, like Carti, you reservation shawty
Fuck her right in the party, la-dee-da-dee-da-da-dee
Watch me pull up to the party in a new la-dee-da-dee
Doesn't matter where I party, flew out to Abu Dhabi
I got a bad shawty, yeah, hood like Carti, yeah
That's how I like it, don't stop
Starin' at the top, now I'm seated at the top
And she splittin' up the pie, that's a spoiled little thot
She got some ass shots, I give her back shots
Soon as she backed up, I took my last shot
Bad little shawty, pussy taste like enchilada
Hold up, is it, maybe, empanada?
And maybe gimme a Coolatta?
And I
Uh, fuck that shit
Mm, mm-mm, mm-mm, mm

Writer(s): Livingston Allen, Micah Williams
Copyright(s): Lyrics © TUNECORE INC
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Uber Eats Freestyle Meanings

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