Luther's Freestyle
Luther's Freestyle

Luther's Freestyle Lyrics Meanings
by Lute

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Luther's Freestyle Lyrics

Ayy, man, turn that up

If the feelings ain't mutual then mission abort
She like when I put it in sport
Niggas'll hate from a distance, niggas be still on the porch
Often sneak dissin' but too loud to be comin' up short
Was still that nigga when I was pushin' a Honda Accord
Or back when Eastland mall was open, we was still throwing up 4's
Niggas love to tell you what they doing like you keeping the score
Even though I'm taking all my time, don't sleep on the boy
One foot in or out the game like you cranking that Roy
Niggas don't leave me no choice
More and more, I see why André play jazz with the flute
Getting back to me the only thing that I had to recoupe
Looking back I wouldn't change a thing if I had to redo
Just some people in my circle if I'm telling the truth
Voices in my head like, "Bruh, fuck it, who better than you?"
People acting weird so it's easy to be be a recluse
Can feel it in my spirit but some days I be playing it cool
Maybe I'm playing too safe, maybe I be in my way
Just speaking from my soul but do I really have something to say?
Maybe I'm all in my head, maybe I'm misunderstood
Maybe I leave it on read, maybe this all that I could
Maybe that's all that I got, I probably should knock on some wood
Some days I be feeling a lot but I gotta act like I'm good
Some days I be tough as a rock, some days I don't know how I do it
But then I just think bout my pops and get my ass up and get to it

Niggas don't leave me no choice, don't
Don't sleep on the boy
Feel it in my spirit but
Fuck it, who better than you?
(Maybe I'm playing too safe) niggas don't leave me no choice
Don't, don't, don't sleep on the boy
Fuck it, who better than you?
(Maybe I'm playing too safe)
Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't
Don't, don't, don't sleep on the boy
(Maybe that's all that I got)
Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't sleep on the boy
(Maybe that's all that I got)

Don't sleep on the boy
Fuck it, who better than you?

Niggas don't leave me no choice
Don't sleep on the boy

Don't sleep on the boy

Writer(s): Luther Nicholson, Richard Bartell, Wilton Moore
Copyright(s): Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Luther's Freestyle Meanings

Lute's name is Luther Nicholson, perhaps the song is used as an analogy for Lute to speak as his true self, rather than his hip-hop persona. This freestyle is about his come-up from driving a honda accord and being slept on, to rethinking his decisions and his mindset and coming to the realization that he really needs to stay on the grind because he knows it is a blessing to even have the opportunity pursue his dreams. Lute does a great job at explaining his backstory, then expressing the intrusive and self-doubting thoughts he struggled with on the daily. I think that this song is rapped from the perspective of his old self, before he blew up, and everyone just knew him as Luther, hence, "Luther's Freestyle" is manifested. Luther understood that to make his father(pops) proud, he would need to get up and get to it, regardless of how anxious he felt.

He proceeds to tell the audience that everyone doubting him has now left him no choice, but to go all in, as the only other alternatives are to stay stuck in his head and dealing with the anxiety and shame that comes with inaction. In all reality I have no idea about any of this, it's just my theory and analysis, let me know what you think!

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