Every Single Soul cover
Every Single Soul cover

Every Single Soul Lyrics Meanings
by Michael Franti


Every Single Soul Lyrics

No matter where I roam
Whoa-oh I know every single soul is poem
Written on the back of God's hand

Ya see Moms and Pops be copulatin'
Plantin' seeds and pickin' weeds for another season
Another reason for livin' another reason for givin'
Another reason for lovin' and tryin' stay out of prison
'cause everything in life can't be nice and
Everything you want can't be got
But the lessons on patient be causing the pressure to rise
And make some people suicidal
Oh no! another soul, has lost control
We pull him back into the fold
He got strung out on the material
All the superficial initials upon his clothes
They make me wanna go Sprewell
Every time I see my family locked in jail
Uh-huh, the economical can be demonical
Keep love in your soul


Ya see people are so beautiful in love
That's why I'm reminded of life's precious moments every time
I see lovers walkin' by in the park
Close my eyes and I stop reminisce
To see a little baby suckin' on his mama's
Milk-ey silky smoothness of a lovin' caress holdin' baby to breast
And blessin' the world with another to test, test, test
Oh-yes, oh-yes Bom-bom!
I'd like to sing a little song
Dedicated to the people who would like to sing along
'cause every little song has little beats and notes
Like every little lake has little trees and boats
All people deserve a safe and warm home
'cause every single soul is a poem [Chorus]

Right from the start in a world torn apart
A baby's love leaves finger prints upon the heart
So many think it, but never say it
"why bring a child to this planet full of hatred?"
They might not make it like the youngest departed
Or worst of all they might become a part of it
Involved in it, perpetuating violence, violence
And growing up in silence
Seein' things they don't know how to deal with
And learnin' ways, to try to cope with it
Cope with it, cope with it
And not lose hope


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