Strange Happenings
Strange Happenings

Strange Happenings Lyrics Meanings
by Protoje

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Strange Happenings Lyrics

When I was just a young boy, maybe like seventeen
I would talk to my father, told him about my dreams
And often he would tell me don't rush to be a man
I heard the words that he spoke but could not understand
'Cause to me life was easy, it was just fun and games
Until I saw that people were filled with so much pain
It's harder to share sometimes, easier to pretend
The way we treat each other, I just don't comprehend
Last night I heard a story too crazy to be true
I wouldn't dare repeat it, what are we gonna do?
And as we figure it out, the time just slips away
Don't worry 'bout tomorrow, just be glad you've got today

It's strange, strange things are happening
Strange, strange things are happening
Strange, strange things is happening

ay, oh, what feeling fi get what you want
Then want disappear from it all
How strange is the thought?
Boss, how you fears run so deep?
House of my dream, nightmares in my sleep
And I wake and I can't get my thoughts to align
I lost in my head and I searching for time
And I want figure how fi escape from my mind
'Cause it too strange up deh, God know I trying
And it start take a toll, me start feel a weight
Heavy is the head, now I know what it mean
And I feeling ashamed, feeling the doubt
Can't understand what this feeling about
Will I reach an amount of the things that I need
That would lead me to be at myself and be free?
Yo, it all too bizarre, I can't get a grip
It moving to fast and my fingers ah slip
Pon ah daily this reach me, this draining habit
Cah the more me attain is the stranger it get
I'm in pain, I'm in danger, I'm in love, I feel hate
All at the same time, I can't get a break, and it

strange, yeah, strange things are happening
Strange, strange things are happening
Strange, strange things is happening

Writer(s): Oje Ken Ollivierre, Lamont Savory, Sean Roberts, Tyrone Thompson
Copyright(s): Lyrics © NW ROYALTY CONSULTING, LLC.
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Strange Happenings Meanings

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