When it rains it pours (freestyle)
When it rains it pours (freestyle)

When it rains it pours (freestyle) Lyrics Meanings
by Rellslepton

Dec 17, 2021

When it rains it pours (freestyle) Lyrics

I just look death in the eyes and I told that bitch I'm in love
She look me dead in the face she already knew what it was
There was a partynextdoor I'm not talking bout Persian rugs
She give me kisses goodbye I told that bitch give me a hug

I was the outlet when you needed me baby I was your plug
I would supply all your needs and your wants baby I was your drug
Why you go throw all that dirt on my name with the shovels you dug

I swear you act just like a lil baby no 42 dugg

It was not easy to write down these lyrics and visually see it
And anything that you told me was hard to believe I couldn't believe it
Shawty treat me like a corner store
But I told her it was never convenient

She said you don't mean it
I told I mean it

Hand me the Malibu black you know it put me in the zone
Get me a 2 liter sprite and make sure them cups styrofoam
I feel like Macaulay Culkin cause you know Im always home alone
I treat the girl like a dog treat anytime that we bone
She acting sus and I'm lacking trust bitch gimmie your phone
I'm getting all these gut feelings that you doing shit that I don't condone
Shawty wanna be grown until it's time to move out in your own
Imma laugh now cry later like a nigga just hit his funny bone

She said she patiently waited
I feel obligated to be the man to tell her she nominated
To be the most hated
I'm sorry I'm jaded
I cut you off baby you amputated
You slept on me you was very sedated
All of these problems you ever created
Lined up like stars they were so correlated
If we breaking up then I am dislocated
You playing me I was infatuated
Drunk in love damn I was intoxicated
That shit was so cold I was refrigerated

Shake my head I live my life in shame
Love scars still dealing with the pain
Rod waves I go against the grain
Wayan brothers I dealt with major Payne

I'm Peter Parker bout a Mary Jane
Signal me if you just switching lanes
All these thoughts keep running in my brain
I'm tired using God name in vein
Bleach my lyrics just to clean the stains
Tylenol for these migraines
All these niggas that you entertain
Was never fly get up off my plane

Fuck your story Imma story teller
You lost me just like Cinderella
When it rains it pours umbrellas
We was too attached like mozzarella
Sticks that was trapped up in the baskets
Now you dead to me close the casket
21 cause cause I been a savage
Raise your standards I'm above average

I'm about my greens where's cabbage
Think outside the box of the package
Flipping through the script of the passage
Raise your standards I'm above average

Writer(s): JAMES, WILLIAMS, Brian James, Lonzo Williams
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

When it rains it pours (freestyle) Meanings

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