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by Robert McAtee
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Simplify Lyrics

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Verse 1
I'm looking down in a hole. I rest my head on the ground.
I feel so disconnected from myself. The skunk walks by in front of that blue sky.
The air is cold and the sun is hot. Hot or cold it doesn't matter where I am.
It doesn't change anything. The Grand Canyon, a dusty street to the flying trapeze.
"Oh please," she said to half the things that I said. This ground makes a nice big bed.
There's something nice about hunger. I need a long hot shower.
I need a smooth shave. I want her to skydive onto me. That would be a sight to see.
I need to simplify. French toast and ice cream make me think of her.
I wanna see her run around in circles in a hotel room that doesn't exist.
I wanna tear open the present under the tree of the past. I never had to wear a cast.
Knock on wood. She was so good like a book that couldn't put me down.
A light in my eye I follow back and forth. I don't know why some things annoy me so much.
I need to simplify. The greatest sense is touch. Sometimes ignorance can be cute.
Sometimes intelligence is overrated. I need to simplify. I need to simplify.
The torture is a matter of opinion. Abstaining can be pleasing to someone, two, three, four frogs hop by.
The stream is ice cold. I don't like to do what I'm told unless it's coming from her.
The first sip of beer is always nice. I gonna pick her up and take her far away.
I like how she plays with me. I like how she tastes. Snakes crawl around the road.
Sunglasses can make someone look cool. I'm gonna put her on the mule and take her down to the bottom.
The Grand Canyon, a dusty street to the flying trapeze.
I wanna tear open the present under the tree of the past. I always think that this could be the last time.
A deer runs by. I got an itch all over my body that she needs to scratch.
The things and people get so dirty when they're ignored.
Sometimes I like to pull on the cord 'cause it gets me off when I'm on.
I don't know what I'm doing here I'm not killing time I'm just living it and loving it, even the pain.
'Cause there's something to be gained every time. Hot water me and her. Let's do nothing.
Doesn't that sound like fun? If this keeps going on I can get her off this complex way to live.
I want her to tear open the present under the tree of the past and simplify.

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