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Bells & Roses
Lyrics and Meaning

Apr 2, 1996

Bells & Roses Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Everything was mine
But it's long stripped away
I stand here naked as the stars
And silent as a grave
Verse 2
If you see who I really am
Or you still wanna stay
There's a danger in this love
And I wanna be that grave
Verse 3
Bells and roses
A sign of departure
But I love them just the same
Bells and roses
A sign of survival
On the door into this pain
Verse 4
Now I'll go
And if you say I must
But I rather let it go
The people I will never trust
And the things that I can't know
Kiss you until we turn to stone
I'll fight you till we're blind
But you love me when you're left alone
And it makes me wanna die
Verse 5
Bells and roses
If they wake up the senses to
Remind me who I am
Bells and roses
The gifts of the spirit shall not be squandered on one man
Verse 6
Everything was mine
But it's long stripped away
Will you love me if I'm naked
Or I'm silent as a grave
You don't have to answer now
But you might learn to pray
And I'll step down off this cross
Into a life that I can change
Verse 7
Bells and roses
They fill up the silence
In the place where he once laid
Bells and roses
A sign of survival
And the price I had to pay
Verse 8
Bells and roses
Verse 9
Bells and roses

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