Roswell Seeds and Stems cover
Roswell Seeds and Stems cover

Roswell Seeds and Stems Lyrics Meanings
by Royal Trux


Roswell Seeds and Stems Lyrics

Russell watched room twenty seven from across the courtyard
Linda Rolla was inside she was about to come down hard
He ran a hydroponic farm, not that everybody knew
Linda'd run out with the money
And his harvest, too
Well dah-dah-dah, and dah-dah-dee
In twenty seconds it was over,
That's how Russ got the seeds

Thirty trucks from seventeen states
Move out staggered through the night
It's a tough job but temporary
And whoever blows the shit that Russ
Won't try to escape
And when they realize they're stranded here
They'll eat everything
That gets thrown on their plate

Linda'd opened the connection with Doctor Henry last year
When he explained about the seeds, she could tell he was sincere
He'd been toiling down in Roswell for the E.T.I.
Who came to renovate this prison back in 1945
Linda believed and so would receive
Twenty pounds of Roswell seeds for
Getting Doctor Henry out
But ha-ha-ho, and fee fie fo
Russell broke in on the party and the deal went south Canned meat still costs more than electrolytes
The pilot blanked in mid flight
Goats are trying to eat the plants
I'm laying out on the rug again
Watching the satellite until there's no chance

Russell waited for two months after Linda Rolla died
When no one came to question him
He wasn't surprised
There was a strange sensation in him
That he'd recognized
Knowing if he stopped production he'd be reoccupied
What can I say? Sometimes it's better to pay
In the luxury of keeping this behind your eyes

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