America is Canceled
America is Canceled

America is Canceled Lyrics Meanings
by Statik Selektah
ft. Jadakiss, Styles P, Termanology

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America is Canceled Lyrics

(Statik Selektah)
So I'm basically saying, that it's gonna take you the people (yeah)
You the people, you the people to institute what you want

Ayo, my family original mans from the original land
We talk biblical and spiritual jams
Traditional rituals was different when stripping the man
The government want every dollar and cent in your hand
Turn on the news, saw somebody lynchin' the man
I'm itching to cram my brain 'til I pick it again
I'm at the White House, guess I gotta pick it again
I sit with my friends, prayin' with this pistol in hand
We need new leaders, but all we get is new heaters
A president who mislead us and give us different diseases
I spit my shit with a meanin', while scriptin' it like a genius
This system is intervenin', they beat on us and demean us
I beatbox with the hollow sounds of my tummy
That Pete Rock, Statik and that Preemo do it for me
We don't do it for the money, but we always gettin' money
While you come and go, we be right here, legendary
While they puttin' incisions inside your
Children with the microchip vaccinations, replacin' your nutrients and your vitamins
Black and brown for the risen, now your destiny decided
Mass incarcerations, we can't forget what Clinton and Biden did
They all devils sellin' off their souls on all levels
My dawgs rebels, run up on a tank with a pebble
The next cop that kill an unarmed man need a public beheadin'
And televise it so nobody'll fuckin' forget it

So nobody'll fuckin' forget it
So nobody'll fuckin' forget it
So nobody'll fuckin' forget it
So nobody'll fuckin' forget it

Too black, too strong, too powerful
Too busy worryin' about doin' what they'll allow us to
They can't stand us, they remand us (uh-huh)
'Cause we break rules and set standards
We survived off the hunger
They want us to die, we live longer (yes)
Right before the lightning there's thunder (uh)
And we got hopes, so don't wonder (Nah-uh)
Can't speed though, gotta have patience (Patience)
And every man must know his limitations (mm)
One bullet, headshot, penetration
Nice hole in your skull, ventilation (uh)

Classism is the new segregation
They'll gentrify your hood like it's the new destination
White people come they throw the Whole Foods up
Or the Starbucks, even have tofu cuts (facts)
When the hood was all black it was just a food desert
This is America, they gotta do better
Too many lies in the news and newsletters (lies)
If the school is black they don't care if it do better (they don't care)
You gotta teach the young, you gotta teach your own (teach your own)
You gotta load your gun, you gotta reach your home (word)
They brainwashin' niggas, don't let 'em bleach your dome (nah-uh)
Plannin' police, I gotta keep my chrome
This is America, they gotta do better
They go-they-they gotta do better
This is America, they gotta do better

So nobody'll fuckin' forget it

Writer(s): Patrick Baril, Jason Phillips, David Styles, Daniel Carrillo
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

America is Canceled Meanings

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