Victory Lap for Losers cover
Victory Lap for Losers cover

Victory Lap for Losers Lyrics Meanings
by Tomcantsleep

Victory Lap for Losers Lyrics

And this goes out to everyone that said I wouldn't make it
With all the nothing that's been given to me, I had to take it
Put myself upon this pedestal and stood until they stared
Reflecting light, to lead the blind til vision is repaired
I can feel the future formulating right outside my finger tips
That's why I manipulate my mental state to reach for it
Seen some shit, like all my friends dying right in front of me
Mentally and physically, this place is trying to fuck with me
Ain't nobody touching me, that's probly cause I'm high
Although, I'm completely sober, I feel dusted out my mind
I don't think that I can take the expectations that I face
I got some absurd assumption that I'll summon something great... wait
What's the point to thinking if no action is behind it?
Every time I think about quitting, I'm constantly reminded
Of the fact that all my family is barely above water
So on that day I stop, then I must have much more to offer
I often think that I'm a fucking failure and it's kinda true
But it's okay because I know that failure's what refines your view
Panoramic, I can see it all from where I sit
My third eye is bird's eye, but I don't sleep, so worms I get
Barely getting started homie, don't you think we're leaving now
Hoping Nick Arcade can make a thousand beats to hold me down
So I can do this shit to death and kill it every day I'm here
Even when I'm eighty, I'll be writing rhymes from my wheel chair
When I pass away, I'll be a poltergeist with punchlines
Possessing shitty rappers every night to block their sunshine
Purgatory that I'm placed within cannot be permanent
Punishment is meant to prove a point, to which you learn from it
I'm a work in progress that's here to work and progress
Until I find a place to rest and wander out beyond flesh
God bless, I'm ghost, gone, going out with guns drawn
Shooting starts from off the moon I sit behind the sun on

God bless, I'm ghost, gone, going out with guns drawn
Shooting stars from off the moon I set behind the sun on

On and on and on... on and on and on

Writer(s): Tomcantsleep
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Victory Lap for Losers Meanings

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