Smoke Break
Smoke Break

Smoke Break Lyrics Meanings
by Too Litt

May 9, 2020
Smoke Break Music Video

Smoke Break Lyrics

(Yeah... Yeah... It's Litt)
(Yeah... Yeah... Litt... Aye)
(Hot Box... Music)
Can we get som Smoke going on...
Smoke Break... OKAY!

I'm a purified heathen
It ain't no cappin' when I'm speaking

I'm embedded in they brain
They can't erase me nor delete me

I been starving haven't eaten yet producers let's get busy
Catch me rapping circles round em... probably leave a nigga dizzy
You ain't seen packed unless you smoked up out my Philly
(Aye... Aye)
Pride in myself you won't find love in my city
You better ride shotty or we'll play a game of chicken
Complaining bout the mud... but won't go grinding for a penny
Promoting fake love... so you can gain a little pitty
You could take my eyes but I would still have tunnel vision
I been smoking by myself I'm in a whole nother division
I don't need a doctor... I just grow all my prescriptions
Should've copywrote my name I could be making millions
I can sense the envy why you always in your feelings?
You can judge a man by how he go and handle business
Really I'm the "Littest" I should be marked down in geniuses
Gossip when you started, but bypass when you finish...
Give it all I got... I treat it like 4th and inches
They don't think I'm bout it Face$ yeah I'm coming wit it
Blinded by evil... grim reaper stays creepin'
Smoking devil lettuce probably long as limousines
Yeah I love Mary... that's my bae... my main squeeze
Smile for my fans... someone @saycheese
Yeah my girl bad... probably model Maybelline
You can't smoke what I smoke... so I stay quarantined
Go on let me out... so I can go infest the streets
Survival of the fittest... I feel like the Wolverine
I got smurf in my lung... got me having blue dreams
I got sanitized money paying off my dirty deeds
Stimulate my mind so I'm immune to 5G
Bitch you know I'm Litt... cannabis in my I.V.
Looks can be deceiving... Imma need some ID
I burn more weed... then fitness guru's do calories
(Okay... Okay)
I got cheaper options like a menu do at Apple Bee's
How I'm from Kentucky..but make more plays down in Tennessee?
I remember starving nothing in the house to eat
No wasn't out there in the street
Told my day ones.. to grab a plate it's time to eat
All I see is green light.. cause it ain't no stoppin' me
Made a couple plays..and now they want me in the league
I rap wit the best and now they think that I'm elite
I mean yeah I'm stoner... but I need a lil freak
Go ahead and.. set the tape out... cause they known I'll make a scene...
Imma solo soulja operate my own regime
Yeah (OK)
Yeah (OK)
Yeah (OK)
Someone at the Record Label.. (Okay)
Yeah (OK)
Yeah (OK)
Yeah (OK)
Someone at the Record Label...
Someone at the Record Label...
Someone at the Record Labels
Someone at the Record Labels
Yeah... yeah... Let's Get It!

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Smoke Break Meanings

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