2 Smooth cover
2 Smooth cover

2 Smooth Lyrics Meanings
by Webbie


2 Smooth Lyrics

Couldn't wait to get mo shit from Trill Ent.
Ha BadAzz n Young Savage keep it so street ha
But we been doin' this fo' a while but it ain't sleep tyme
Got to see these muthafuckin' platinum two or three tyme
We fly cloud nine who ever figure we poopin'
It be me in a old drop and da rims do stop
Yea a nigga came up 60 thousand on a watch
But dey got niggas still stuck an a nigga ain't fo' got

A lot of niggas get shot so keep yo pistol
I ain't 21 yet I still keep dis one
If u got love fo' yo watch yo nigga you can let dem slip I'm 'tellin u dis u go miss him
I luv ol' girl but been a minute since I kissed
Her but she keep real so you know how her she ain't trippin'
Slowed up on drinkin' I don't get to tipsy
'Cause being off guard an be hard is to risky

Ask me what I want up out of life be specific
Money, power my nigga it had to be terrific
But it's really all a dream that's why I'm livin'
Ya'll mine to little to even feel what I'm spittin'
Ya'll haterz a kill to be sit where I'm sittin'
I'm just so real that's how I'm gettin' it how I'm gettin' it
You can say what you want but money talk stop whisperin'
Trill young savage ain't doin' damage ya'll silly

[Chorus: ]
I'm too smooth
You can't do it like this
You ain't foolish like this
Jewels like this
Cool like this
I ain't full yet I ain't with the bullshit I'm on the real check me out
I'm too smooth
Like how you walk like that
Talk like that
All soft like that
I'm a straight mack
Cutlass or mahbac hop in lay back I'm bring you straight back
I'm too smooth

Young Savage big dog status Judge Johnson
Let my big dog have it
Can't sleep bad dreams, I ain't never had shit
So you can come an try me, I'm blastin'
Didn't smoke cigs now I need another pack shit
Bad nerves think I get it from my daddy
Straight factory I ain't even get the difference
Hundred 50 got a nigga neck flashing Nigga know me well every hood
I'm passing v12 under the hood I'm smashing
I done seen good nigga I done seen bad shit
Car full of hurt full of purp got me laughing
I'm 6 and 7 all webbies I ain't laughing
Young savage coming ready every album
Bounce up in the club no search, no hassle
Looking for a gutta bitch if I see her I'm a snatch her

[Chorus: ]

Man a nigga had a blast last night man
I was smokin' big blunts, counting big money all last night
Got on that ass last night from something tight
An' right way she suck pipe, I think she was mix with white
Dee ain't want to change hoes so I switch with Mike
It ain't nothin' to a nigga ,yelling bitch yo wife
All those stories nigga sayin' better get shit right
I'm young savage trill fam in this bitch fo' life

That ain't right hating 'cause we ain't living the same life
You fight yo' lady, I fuck her the same night
My ring 'n that shit you be driving the same price nigga
You ain't never seen real diamonds 'n real life
Ya'll fake ass lil rappers I'm watchin' yo shit
Half of ya'll talkin' about but ain't really did it
I never said you lil niggas name cause I'm really serious
You can trip and we can wild out like 2Pac and Biggie what's up

[Chorus: ]

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