Munch Lyrics Meanings
by Westside Gunn
ft. Tiona Deniece

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Munch Lyrics

Honestly, we're out of gas
So what are we gonna do now?

Ayo, so many niggas I love got life (life)
So I'ma just rock all my ice (ice)
Drop McLemon, why your bitch keep staring?
Keith Haring, the week of perish, I'm out in Paris
Dice games at the Eiffel, you know how life go
I came home, violated, you know the cycle
Fiends hit the dough through funnel like she seen Michael (hehe)
This that black Jesus hanging in your mother living room, Christ flow
Might get a fiend rental 'cause the night slow
Split a few blocks, and grab the Oora
So, yo he's 'bout to lock the cells down go make my doo-wop
Go get your crew shot
Chewy got a G.I.A. certified snow in his nose, you'd think he 2Pac
I'm at the juice spot
Ayo, DOOM said all caps, I'm in your bushes in all black
At bellhopper, we the mall rats
Goyard store with the Mac, full matte
Gucci floormat, shit, raw rap
You ain't even all that
My blood homie rockin' stars on him like
Rob the store back
Lemon pepper hot mix, all flats, you never wore that

'Cause how many days you got in front of ya?
Live the way you wanna
'Cause how many days you got in front of ya?
'Cause we gon' get paid until the summers up
'Cause it's all love (all love, all love)
Said it's all love (all love)
It's all love, father, forgive me
And I pray for those who try to offend me
Lord knows that I brought it with me
On God (conductor, we have a problem)
I'll leave it empty (conductor, we have a problem)

Conductor, we have a problem
Conductor, we have a problem
Conductor, we have a problem
Conductor, we have a problem

Writer(s): Alvin Worthy
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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