THE WEEKEND Lyrics Meanings
by Zivsick


Whachu mean I ain't got no bucks?
Take a look inside my fuckin' wallet
Got more money than your mother and your father and your kids too!
And I got my bitch down at the crib too!
Fuck her 'til her ass cant walk
Shit, that reminds me of last June
Wait, man, whatever, I don't like to think about it if i'm honest
'Least I got a couple hunnid in my pockets
Everybody wanna talk that talk
Shit's so overwhelming
Everybody on my page tryna go and get me, like geez Louise!
In the whip, I got a need for speed
So who tryna get fucked up?
Like honestly, ain't no "probably"
Soon enough i'll be there where the prophets be
So motherfuck tomorrow, only got the week, man
Can I make it to the weekend?

Can I make it to the weekend?
Can I make it to the weekend?
Can I make it to the weekend?
(Man, I sure hope so)

But I took a tab and I got an empty stomach now
Pull up on your block with my dogs and they runnin' now!
Why you so insecure of the shit that you been puttin out? (Huh?)
Shouldn't you be proud like your mother and your daddy are? (SUCKA!)
That's what I thought, man
I ain't think straight since last week
Ever since my brain took backseat
Autopilot, all the bullshit passed me
See the world with new fuckin' glasses
Big dog
I ain't on that "kinda, really"
No one higher than me, bitch I'm
Y-Y-You don't like me, baby? You gonna walk?
Whatever, just never tell me I can t-t-t

Can I make it to the weekend?
Can I make it to the weekend?
Can I make it to the weekend?
Can I make it to the- uh
Can I, can I, uh,
Can I make it to to the weekend?
Uh, uh, wait, huh? what?
Can I make it to the, uh
Uh, uh, uh, aye
Can I make it to the, to the
Uh, uh, wait
(Can I make it to the weekend?)

Love to the pain to the love
Love makin' ain't no fuckin' hobby
I ain't steal the flow, bitch, I adopted
Money long, got some deep pockets
Everybody 'round me want a piece
Told the people "gotta give me peace"
'Fore I come here gripping on the piece
I know them bitches hoping i would leave, man
But I just hope I'm never gonna leave
Clinging onto longevity
School friends ain't true friends, I really got em talkin' in they sleep
Never quiet on the east end
I'm just tryna make it to the weekend

Writer(s): Daniel Zivcic
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind


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