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Chicken Fried cover Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band

I love this whole song, but this verse in particular speaks to me. Always very close to my family, I identify strongly with the importance of the strength in family. It doesn't matter if you live in huge house, wear the most expensive clothes, or anything else like that. What truly matters is that you are surrounded by the ones you love.

Out of the Blue cover Out of the Blue by Debbie Gibson

I know it's cheesy, but this is my go-to song whenever I want to recapture that feeling I had during my first crush. LOL. There's nothing quite like that feeling in your stomach when you fell in love for the first time. Everything seems new and fresh, and I can always count on this song to bring that moment back - brief as it might be.

Last Kiss cover Last Kiss by Pearl Jam

I agree with VickyD that the most heartbreaking part of the song comes right after this verse, but this paints a picture in my mind that is impossible to shake. An innocent moment - a date with your sweetheart - quickly turns into a nightmare that is very obviously not going to end well. Such a sad song.

Under the Bridge cover Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers

I very nearly lost a dear friend of mine to heroin addiction years ago, and every time I hear this song I think of him. This is a very literal description of Kiedis's own battle with heroin & his memory of "drawing" blood with a needle under a bridge in the City Of Angels. Catchy, yes. But also a very visceral song.

Right on point!

Highway 20 Ride cover Highway 20 Ride by Zac Brown Band

I love this meaning behind this song. It's very melancholy & a story that is too often pushed aside by the public. A lot of fathers out there are separated from their children, and the public sees them as deadbeat dads no matter the circumstances. That is simply not the truth. There are plenty of dads out there who WISH they could see their children more, and I think this song does great justice to that emotion.

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