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Safe With Me cover Safe With Me by Sam Smith

It sounds like he is involved with a woman who had a sketchy past. She was either involved in sexual favors, was abused in some way, or on drugs. He reassures her that he wont tell anyone about her past and that she can have faith in him and his feelings. He is being true to her and wants her to know that she has nothing to worry about anymore, she is safe with him.

Almost Is Never Enough cover Almost Is Never Enough by Ariana Grande, Nathan Sykes

She is speaking on a close friend she had who was perfect for her. She loved him but never told him. She came to realize he felt the same way for her but it was already too late. Everyone was aware of what was going around them, but them. After they were living completely separate lives, they come to find out. Almost being in love just isn't enough.

I Think I'm Ready cover I Think I'm Ready by Katy Perry

She is expressing how she is tried of being in childish relationships and she wants more. She was a real emotional, physical, spiritual connection with a man, not a boy. He is showing her how a relationship should be. He is a man of his word and values her for who she is. She tries to figure out why someone like this would want her and eventually says she is scared, but she is ready. When she speaks of being ready, she is talking about being ready for love and marriage to a real man.

I'm A Freak cover I'm A Freak by Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull

He wants to have a one night stand with this woman, promising her that he will make it more than worth it. He feeds her sexual advances hoping she will give in. Pitbull then adds in how he wants to just get in, screw around, and leave. Just get up and go find another woman to sleep with after her. It is a "loose" song.

Breathe Me cover Breathe Me by Sia

She is depressed and lonely. She feels all alone and hurts herself over and over again. She has this thought of not being good enough in the back of her mind and it destroys her. The mistakes she keeps making eat her alive. She looks to the person and wants this them to just be there for her. Not asking any questions, allowing her to unload her heart onto them. She wants this person to breath life and hope back into her heart. To have faith in her.

This Love cover This Love by Maroon 5

He was in love with this woman who took the relationship they had like a game. She was using him for sex and after each time, she'd say goodbye like it was nothing till she needed more from him. Eventually, he got sick of it and she knew it and didn't want him to say goodbye. As the song says, he wont say goodbye anymore, which means he is done playing the game with her. At the end of the song, he gives her everything she wants, and he is the one who ends it for good, never saying goodbye to her. This loops back to the beginning of the song where he whispers it to himself.

Maps cover Maps by Maroon 5

It sounds like she made a mistake and corrected her ways for him. He forgave her for what she did because she couldn't be without him. It took her making a mistake to realize that. Now, that he made a mistake, she felt she couldn't handle it. She is confused, hurt, and lost. She is lost on the roads that once lead to him, so he has to use the "maps" that lead back to her. He wants to mend the relationship again.

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