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Friday I'm In Love cover Friday I'm In Love by The Cure

Behind the unorthodox simplicity of the lyrics, it's quite often, from what I've heard portrayed as a love song. In my opinion and analysis, it's quite the opposite. Robert Smith doesn't acknowledge the subject until Friday, the day in which the character chooses to be in love. The song portrays love as losing its potency, in that people choose when to love, rather than letting the love choose them.

Rebellion (Lies) cover Rebellion (Lies) by Arcade Fire

This song, in my in depth analysis, is an accurate representation of teenage youth and the pains of teen angst. The lines, "hide your lovers underneath the covers", I feel is a description of sexual exploration and not being able to be so open about things due to fear and alienation. The phrase, "hiding from your brothers underneath the covers," is an interpretation of tension in the family, and being distant as we try to pursue who we are as individuals. "Every time we close our eyes," we are put into a sense of false comfort, it's all a lie, being blind to everything doesn't mean that the world isn't happening. All in all, this song is relevant in my life, especially these specific lines! I'd love to hear other interpretations!!

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