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Hanging Around cover Hanging Around by Hazel O’Connor

Moving to a coleheme??? The Coleherne was a gay pub in West London in the mid 50's It became a notorious 'Leather Bar' in the 70's, visited by the likes of Freddy Mercury. Perhaps it's....Moving to the Coleherne...... This next bit is a bit tricky........ "Christ told his mother, He's told her not to bother, cause he's alright in the city, cause he's high above the ground...He's just hanging around.... And Christ....well he was high above the ground and he was hanging on the cross...or.....He's high above the ground in heaven and he's just hanging around waiting till the people below cash in their chips......

Thanks, I always thought he said "Moving to the corner" The "monkey" part just always made me think of a hustler with a habit GREAT BAND GREAT SONG

Hanging Around cover Hanging Around by Hazel O’Connor

Barley fever is slight sexual arousal due to intoxication. Court Road is a road in London, lots of trading, selling etc. Monkey on his shoulder is a curse, a problem or, in this case, more likely something that obsesses him. Monkey getting "Grinner", ... - Grinner is one with a perverted or sexual sense of humor. So the obsession is becoming perverted and or sexually humorous. Eyes are on the ground..... He/she is actively observing the situation....opposite meaning (like ear to the ground)

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