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Spotlight (New Regrets) cover Spotlight (New Regrets) by Patrick Stump

It means that you live the way you want and not by what others tell you.To be yourself. That people will try to bring you down but don't give in and let them.You have to what you want for yourself,and not to live in the past of the things you've done or said.Just do what you want for you not fpr anyone else. I LOVE THIS SONG SOOOO MUCH!

Explode cover Explode by Patrick Stump

It's about a guy that is basically on his wits end.Nothing is going right for him and has lost about virtually everything. That any thing will make him tick or set him off.He's overwhelmed and stressed.The whole bomd scenero is a kind of metaphor but at the same time tells you a story. I'm so smart! LOLZ Follow me on Insta @1_more_troubled_soul Twitter:@FOB4Ever_95 Kik:OverCastKid4Life Thnks!

Everybody Wants Somebody cover Everybody Wants Somebody by Patrick Stump

What this song is meaning is that he is doubting a relationship,also doubting himself. And if she wants someone else but if that person doesn't want them,don't get hurt. Basically you want someone but that someone wants someone else. This song is a very deep one. Patrick is lyfe! I had to say it.Fan since forever.

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