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Electric Love cover Electric Love by B├śRNS

To me, this song is all about experiencing the rushes and excitement of first love. The lyrics "Baby, you're like lightning in a bottle. I can't let you go now that I got it," hint that this romance wasn't sudden and took time to develop, but now that the two lovers are in a new, exciting chapter of their relationship, the possibilities are endless and just like "electric love".

Tongue Tied cover Tongue Tied by Grouplove

"Tounge Tied" is a song that reminds me of being a teen on the perfect summer night, getting into trouble with your friends and making memories. The catchy beat and lyrics about teenage love make this song my go-to for my summer pool playlist.

Bang! cover Bang! by AJR

This song's lyrics are a struggle I think most people can relate to; getting older but still wanting to experience life. AJR talks about everything from grocery shopping to paying taxes, but they still want to "go out with a bang". When you're a young adult, it really feels like it's your last chance to live your wildest life, which this song talks about.

The Less I Know The Better cover The Less I Know The Better by Tame Impala

I am sooo glad that Tame Impala is getting the recognization it deserves. This song has been making a comeback and for good reason. This song's lyrics about lost love are great, but the music is what really makes it amazing. It's the kind of song you blast in the car just to really feel the bass.

Heather cover Heather by Conan Gray

"Heather" by Conan Gray is a great song with a sad but familiar situation. Heather is the name of the girl that the singer is jealous of for being perfect, but at the same time finds her hard to dislike. This song sometimes makes me feel sad, but it mostly reminds me of my highschool days pining after the "popular" people.

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