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Chainsaw cover Chainsaw by The Band Perry

This is about being in love and thinking it was going to last forever. Then she got dumped by him. The names were craved in a tree and now she wants that tree gone so she isn't reminded of him ever again. Is is also a great song by The Band Perry!

Better Dig Two cover Better Dig Two by The Band Perry

I love this song! It's a little about being true to your wedding vows and a little bit of a revenge side too. In the line - if you go before I do I'm gonna tell the gravedigger that he better dig two - basically means that if he leaves her for another women she will get revenge on him and his new lover. I think a lot of people feel this way when they are dumped!

Girl Crush cover Girl Crush by Little Big Town

Yeah I hate how at first radio stations were not playing this song because they thought it was about a lesbian situation. It's not! It's about having a bad crush on a guy who is dating someone else. She is actually wishing she was this other women so that would mean the guy would love her and not the other women. It's a beautiful and sad song if you just listen to the words and get past the title.

Blank Space cover Blank Space by Taylor Swift

I have heard that Taylor Swift wrote this song as a joke and she really didn't plan on releasing it until someone told her she should. She wrote it about all the gossip magazines spreading rumors on how she's a nightmare to date. She doesn't actually believe she is. Just remember there are two sides to every story and we are just seeing the tabloids side. She might not actually be a nightmare dressed as a daydream.

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