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If U Seek Amy cover If U Seek Amy by Britney Spears

In the lead up to Britney's very public breakdown she was still trying to be relevant on the music scene. This song did not help her. There was outcry from American parents and the song was not allowed to be played unedited. "If you seek Amy" is hardly a clever way to spell out F. U. C. K. even children could see through it. It didn't help that the writers didn't even make the lyrics grammatically correct!

Black Coffee cover Black Coffee by All Saints

This song is a brilliantly simple reflection on the ordinary moments of love and new relationships. The melody is chilled and reflects the idea of lazing around with your love in a haze of new romance where even the banal is endearing and when you are not with them you spend all your time thinking about when you were with them or when you will be with them again

Beautiful Girls cover Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston

They sampled "Stand By Me" for the intro and chorus of this song and although they don't use the lyrics from that song they are entirely appropriate. Falling in love, and getting so hung up on someone that they "mush up" your mind is something we can all relate to - even if we don't all feel literally suicidal we've all been there. Great song

American Woman cover American Woman by Lenny Kravitz

This is actually a cover version of The Guess Who's song. Kravitz made it heavier with a catchy beat and most people seem to love this version. When you listen to the lyrics though it's more political and not at all flattering towards Americans!

Everybody's Changing cover Everybody's Changing by Keane

This song is about everyone around you moving onwards but your life is stagnant. Maybe this speaks most to younger people since that time through high school always feels as though others are getting on better than you are and you constantly compare yourself

My Name Is cover My Name Is by Eminem

Slim Shady is an alter ego of Eminem's (real name Marshal Mathers). The character of Slim Shady is an extremely violent criminal who carries out terrible acts Eminem would never do so he acts them out as fantasy through Slim.

Who Am I cover Who Am I by Beenie Man

Sim Simma is a greeting. Bimma is a BMW. Apparently he had just bought the new car when he heard another song on the radio which inspired him to freestyle this song then write it down.

Let It Be cover Let It Be by Tom Jones

Paul McCartney's mum is called Mary so this song cleverly references "Mother Mary" whereby it could mean his actual mother of the Virgin Mary. Someone in trouble might pray to Mary just as they may wish for comfort from their own mother.

Oliver's Army cover Oliver's Army by Elvis Costello

Oliver Cromwell created and established England's first professional army. So the Oliver in the song is Cromwell.

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