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All Time Low cover All Time Low by Jon Bellion

You might think that [Jon Bellion] is in such a situation because of that girl, but I have to say that there might be no woman in his story is the problem. First, my overall is that this man is alone because of fame; he is frustrated in all ways because he cannot find somebody to replace the person that he talks about in the song "80's Films" not exactly for her. Taking this idea he needs to be continuous that he cannot come back with that girl that he talks about in "80's Films", or that she does not want to come back with him, (free for interpretation, independent of your interpretation, it is impossible for him to get her back is what am looking for) and here is the proof. "Now I'm a ghost, I call your name, you look right through me" He is definitely talking to the girl from "80's Film", but he is not asking her to give him the attention that the " gosht"

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Praying cover Praying by Kesha

This is simply somebody that fell down because of somebody. And forgives that somebody and shows that she is strong enough to go up.

Dressed in Black cover Dressed in Black by Sia

Dressed in Black, is the most lovely song I have never heard in my entire life. This song tells the story of a person whose true-self had to hide from rest of the world because of this person untrusted people, this person closed its heart to those who surrounded it. In my opinion, this is NOT just in relationships. "I had given up" "I didn't know who to trust" "So I designed a shell" "Kept me from Heaven and Hell" This occurred for an unknown thing because we cannot find proofs in this song, but the rest of the album 1000 forms of fear tells us. Sia, this person probably, was really affected by this. Maybe she was insecure, afraid, or in pain (as the song Cellophane apprises). Quotes like "I had hit a low", "I was in prison by dark", and "I was scared, I was torn", and more show a negative impact in Sia. Sia was wary of this and she pushed herself to close herself for her own good (I KNOW thanks to other tracks of the album 1000 Forms of Fear that this is true, but you still can predict that Sia pushes herself to close her heart, to stay in her "shell"). " Was all I let myself know" "I'd given into the fight" "And I slipped further down" But then, there was somebody strong headed enough who took the apprehensions to care about Sia. This person gave Sia what she had lost, love, comprehension, understanding, everything she had lost. This person took the nest out of Sia and she put her love back in this outstanding track. "You found me dressed in black... Covered my heart in kisses"

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