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Stranger Inside cover Stranger Inside by Shinedown

I believe it's about loosing your soul, your identity and not knowing where it went, while being in shock. Hearing you'll be fine from others that can't fathom what you're dealing with while there's a stranger in your mind, uninvited. they've taken you at your core and have to answer to someone, maybe just themselves, as far as what they're doing. It takes your sanity because you sound crazy trying to explain that this isn't you and you don't know what to do. The one(s) who stole you away and replaced you are not your friends, they're the cowards of society, your bitter enemy. especially when you lose everything and everyone that ever meant the most to you you feel dead. There's no more pleasure in anything, from anyone like God left you alone and there's no more light even though you see you can't see, all of your senses are no longer. Then you realize that it really isn't you and somehow someone got into your head and would rather be you, in control of you like a stalker. They want what you have, they want you and to be you. They replace your intelligence with their ignorance, your personality with theirs. They're jealous of who you are and beneath you but somehow gained advantage by entering your mind, soul and body. They tear you down to build themselves up, they break you while they just had to bend to get in. They demand you adhere to them and follow their rules but never reveal themselves because they are the hypocrites, the soulless cowards, the psychopaths. They'll show you signs in your mind of things no ones supposed to be able to find or do. If you think this sounds crazy or out there, just hope and pray it never happens to you. Basically someone caused you major depression by stealing you away, locking you in a cage and took on your identity hoping in the process that you'd physically die, like every other part of you did once they interrupted your life. That's what I believe anyways, I've been through A LOT.

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