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Begin Again cover Begin Again by Taylor Swift

New chance. New love story. This is about the wonder of falling in love again. A romantic turned cynic finally becomes hopeful again. You’ve given up hope, thinking that love just isn’t for you. Then finally your once broken heart starts beating again for someone. You finally realize that all of the hurt is now in the past. I love how Taylor Swift was able to capture this kind of theme so wonderfully in this song.

Back To December cover Back To December by Taylor Swift

This is another sad song for an ended relationship. The saying 'You don't know what you have until it's gone' is the theme of this song. Taking for granted the guy and your relationship together. Then finally when everything's ended it hurts because you know you gave up your chance for something that could've lasted forever. It still hurts when you finally meet each other because you know, you know it deep in your heart that that he could've been the one.

All Too Well cover All Too Well by Taylor Swift

This song is about reminiscing. Thinking about the moments in your ended relationship with a guy. The happy moments. The fun, all-spontaneous things that you did when you were together. You’ll most likely be remembering it all slow motion. Keep remembering how happy you were then. And how is it that the relationship ended when you were both so happy. It doesn’t hurt that much anymore but you still haven’t moved on.

Forever & Always cover Forever & Always by Taylor Swift

Oh, this song is just painful. It’s bitter and reminds of the disappointment of having someone tell you he’ll love you forever and always and then just end things. He’ll tell you that you’re his number one, tell you that you’re the most beautiful for him, tell you that he’ll never leave you. Empty words. Broken promises. You always end up thinking, what about what he said back then? What happened? This song is actually an eye-opener. It tells you that promises don’t mean a single thing when it comes to a relationship. Just take it as it goes but don’t look for forever.

Fearless cover Fearless by Taylor Swift

This song reminds me of when one’s love is still young and fresh. Everything seems really beautiful and you seem to appreciate everything. That contented and happy feeling is well captured in this song. I actually had this song for months as my ringtone. The part where she sings ‘you take my hand and drag me headfirst, fearless’ is just that. Fearless. Even if I was nowhere near a fresh relationship then (actually my relationship was getting pretty much stagnant then), I was still able to appreciate this song. Taylor Swift just makes you feel that way.

Enchanted cover Enchanted by Taylor Swift

This song is about love at first sight or at least finally meeting someone you really like. I got really addicted to this song way back when it was first released. I like the way it captured how a girl really feels when she starts liking someone. The parts where it says "wonder struck" is just perfect. This is a great song for when you like someone but he still doesn't know it.

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