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Anaconda cover Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

Many people may say there's no deep meaning here, and maybe it is all about butts. But what I see is a woman taking control over her sexuality. It's not in the hand's of a man anymore.

I'm Only Sleeping cover I'm Only Sleeping by Konrad

The meaning of this song is pretty straight forward. It's a person who is sleeping and doesn't want to be awoken! We can all relate to that feeling.

Attics of My Life cover Attics of My Life by Grateful Dead

I've always interpreted this song to be about people who live their lives in a higher form of consciousness. For some, that may come from deep reflection and contemplation, others meditation, and other through the use of psychedelics. But outside our normal day-to-day routines exist a higher form of being - that's what this is about.

She's Always a Woman cover She's Always a Woman by Billy Joel

This has always been one of my favorite Billy Joel songs. This is a true love song. You can tell because of how specific it is. So many love songs give generic lyrics that could apply to anyone. This is for one beautiful woman whom he loves very much.

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