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Closest Thing to Heaven cover Closest Thing to Heaven by Tears for Fears

So...I know little or next to nothing about song writing...I was in hs in the 80's so I didn't even have most of the words correct to my then fav songs.....but I'll give this a shot. (...because I have seen TFF 3 times live and had every that makes me the expert into their not)....but I think or feel the song is about marriage....a long marriage that has hit that spot...the spot where the couple have been together for many years and things are sort of dull at the moment. Lyrics say to me, marriage is dull...but I love you and don't want the marriage to end....but what the hell do we do now? tiny thoughts.

You are the most saddest person i think i ever read...i think you should just do what you and your parents want jump off that roof m8

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