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Do It to Death cover Do It to Death by Busta Rhymes

I think this "what we gon' do?Do it to death" is more like an existential question, what we're gonna do in our life, so response to this is to live it, to the extremes, till death comes. There is not any further hidden meaning in all this, so we shouldn't try to demystify life and waste our time . This is why common scenes of everyday life are described in the rest of the song.

She Bad Bad cover She Bad Bad by Eve

Straight out of her latest album, this one proved that her music and style are only getting better and that Eve will never adjust to any current hip hop tendency and absorb the latest fashions, she will keep it real. Always fantastic, always respectful!

Who's That Girl? cover Who's That Girl? by Eve

I guess that was her first hit, at least the one that brought her to the top in many countries and she totally deserves it! I give her my whole appreciation for the way she's presenting -and representing- the women through her songs, like completely independent, proud and strong, complete badasses at times - when needed.

4 My People cover 4 My People by Missy Elliott ft. Eve

Missy and Eve together, I love it! One of the songs that rocked our lives in the clubs back then, a song that we wished not to stop dancing to. A good night out and love amongst everyone, love amongst your people is always appreciated!

The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) cover The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) by Missy Elliott

There is something really nostalgic, sad and lonely about this song, like she's going through a hard period in her life and the sound of the rain on her window is dragging her deeper into it. Driving on the open road, being close to the sea always eases the soul.

Work It cover Work It by Missy Elliott

There's something addictive in this deep, repetitive, genius tempo and smoking hot lyrics, my brain gets in a state of trance. Distinctive voice and talent. Tracks like this should be played out loud. Missy once more you're so great!

Get Ur Freak On cover Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliott

Well, I bet Missy is indeed one of the best around, loaded with a crazy style! I remember when "Get Ur Freak On" came out, how crazy was getting everybody about her and - fortunately - more people discovered her. Absolutely great!

Bring The Pain cover Bring The Pain by Method Man

Coming out of - probably - his best solo album, the debut one, this track is an excellent sample of his whole work. Genuine and creative content as always, unique voice and flow, tough truths in almost each rhyme. Appreciated in large, generous amounts!

Release Yo'delf cover Release Yo'delf by Method Man

Method Man always has a separate place in my heart and brains, mainly of his flow and rhymes, both amazing. Play this loud and you will get what the intro is about and why it's so true in large quantities.

I've Never Seen... cover I've Never Seen... by RZA ft. Xavier Naidoo

Another great song by RZA, referring to what he's speaking of in the intro - love. Simple lyrics but true, great collaboration with Xavier Naidoo and a chilling tempo that fits both voices. All together gives me this warm feeling in my heart while praising the beauty of love.

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