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Youth of the Nation cover Youth of the Nation by P.O.D.

THIS is what daddy issues are. They're not a joke. " Little Suzy, she was only twelve She was given the world With every chance to excel Hang with the boys and hear the stories they tell She might act kind of proud But no respect for herself She finds love in all the wrong places The same situations Just different faces Changed up her pace since her daddy left her Too bad he never told her She deserved much better "

Heart cover Heart by Stars

It might sound like a sweet love song, but I realised otherwise. It tells the story of a narcissistic lover (the guy) and the girl. That's why she believes she has done something wrong and is constantly saying, "Alright I can say what you want me to Alright I can do all the things you do Alright I'll make it all up for you. I'm still in love with you" When she finally gets the guts to leave (for paradise), she leaves a note on his door. He doesn't realise how narcissistic he's been, so he doesn't understand why she would do that feels heartbroken ("lying on the kitchen floor"). But then, she comes back. She comes back, and says the same thing again, with him asking for more. She's giving him everything. But that's not enough for him.

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