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Wreckin' Ball cover Wreckin' Ball by Miley Cyrus

I absolutely get tired of pop music nowadays, but I'll give this a shot at not being overly-biased.... Without much thought, it seems like this young lady fell in love and came on too hard. As a result, the guy/girl she liked thought it was too much, and so he/she denied Miley to love him/her. Yeah, pretty simple song.

ATWA cover ATWA by System of a Down

I feel like it's about depression. I have been there. You sit and watch and every time someone sees you they see you as crazy and/or ugly... You feel like there is nothing to gain or lose... And every day you snap a bit and you feel like yelling the chorus to this song: 'You don't care about how I feel, i don't feel it anymore!'... Because sometimes you feel like no one else cares, so fuck them.. Also "I don't see/sleep (anymore), I don't hear/eat (anymore), I don't speak/live (anymore), I don't feel"... That is what happens. That is what depression feels like.... But what the fuck does ATWA even stand for? "All the World Apathetic" perhaps?

Run To The Hills cover Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden

A ballad about England and France invading North America... I say England and France as Iron Maiden specifically mention the 'Cree', who only really met England and France due to being so deep in Canada save for a small population in the Far Mid-Northwest USA. en.wikipedia.org/.../Cree As evidence to their territory that they have held for a long time.

Custer cover Custer by Slipknot

This song is about modern humanity being disgusting/disgruntled/weak/[insert derogatory adjective here]. i am fairly sure about this as I wholeheartedly believe that humanity is, has, and always will succumb to the failure of it's own pathetic, melodramatic, consistent fodders. Aren't we all just Cut up and Fucked up?

XIX cover XIX by Slipknot

Heard the story of this already. Shawn 'Clown' Crahan had this song imagined at Paul Gray's funeral.. It is essentially just how Clown (and apparently the other band mates) felt there.

Goodbye cover Goodbye by Slipknot

I'm 99.9% sure this is a song that is extremely tied to Paul Gray's death. The lyrics " A long time ago we believed that we were united -- So the last thing on Earth I'm ready to do is say, Goodbye" probably has a lot to do with Slipknot not wanting to give up because of Paul Gray's death... Yet at the same time they want to say it in an endearing mannerism, if you actually hear the way it is sung.

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