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Angels Like You cover Angels Like You by Miley Cyrus

There are many references in this song that prove that this song by Miley is about her ex girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter. The two started dating almost a year after Miley's split with her husband Liam Hemsworth. And I'm not the only one. Many tweets like this one: twitter.com/...er%2F show that people are interpreting the meaning behind these lyrics as a reference to the romantic relationship between Miley and Kaitlynn.

Hey Boy cover Hey Boy by Sia

If you are someone who is tired of being single, but too scared of commitment and relationships, then this song is definitely for you. Sia is basically just saying that she does not want to be single, but only for a songle night. Do you know what else this is called? *coughs* one night stand *coughs*. That is pretty much the theme of this song. Sia is basically saying that she does not need a permanent or long term commitment. She just wants to have some fun. And one night is more than enough for her.

Wolves cover Wolves by Big Sean ft. Post Malone

In my opinion, this song is linking pack loyalty with the bond of family. The singer in this song is basically saying that he was raised in a way that made him very loyal and attached to his "clan" or to his people. He is very loyal to them and knows that is he betrays them, it is pretty much like putting your life in risk. But mostly , it isn't fear that drives him to be loyal, it is the overall way he was raised and also the genuine love he has for his family.

Love Not War (The Tampa Beat) cover Love Not War (The Tampa Beat) by Jason Derulo, Nuka

One of the main reasons I love this song is the meaning behind these lyrics. The message in this song is loud and clear for everyone to hear and understand. The singers of this song are saying that money is not the most important thing in the world. And another message in this song is that love cannot be bought with any amount of money. The singer is basically saying that he tried to bribe his lover with all the expensive things and gifts, but in truth all she wanted was his time and his love. This mistake cost him the entire relationship.

Still Have Me cover Still Have Me by Demi Lovato

I think in these critical times, it is important to have songs like these. People now days have to stay alone or away from their loved ones because of the pandemic. This type of loneliness and uncertainty can be detrimental for a person's health especially if they are dependent on someone else for emotional support. But this song kind of proves that you are enough for yourself. You don't really need anyone else. You are strong enough to take care of yourself emotionally and physically. This message will help a lot of people.

July cover July by Noah Cyrus

I do not understand why this track is named "July". This month is not mentioned anywhere in the lyrics. The lyrics do not even talk about the summer time or anything, which makes me curious as to why this track is called July. The lyrics of this track are telling a very sad and very true story from Noah Cyrus' life. She is talking about a toxic relationship that she was a part of for a while. She new that the relationship was bad for her, but she lacked the courage to accept change and move on. This whole incident had a huge impact on her as a whole.


I can relate to this song on a personal level. I was in a relationship where I trusted the person with anything and everything I had. But later I found out that they were just using me. The feeling you get after you experience something like that from a relationship is described in the lyrics of this song. The singer is saying that his lover has basically left him shattered and broken. But the thing that hurts the most is having to live without them. This is because your love and your emotions were real, even if the other person was not sincere. Filling that empty space can get very difficult.

Better cover Better by ZAYN

I'm not exactly sure who this song is about, but the obvious answer would be Gigi Hadid of course. Zayn and Gigi recently had a baby daughter, which is adorable. But the couple has a long history of breaking up and then getting back together. They did this in 2018, and then again in 2019. I believe that Zayn is addressing why they broke up. He is saying "Gotta let it go so your heart don't break" which means that although he broke up with her, it was primarily because he loved her and did not want her to get hurt.

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree cover Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee

This song is all about Christmas and the overall Christmas spirit. Songs like these help people get into the Christmas vibes, which is why they love listening to these songs around Christmas time. In this song, all the things associated with Christmas, like a mistletoe, pumpkin pies, Christmas trees etc are mentioned. The singer is basically saying that whenever people listen to Christmas carols like deck the halls, they feel this weird sense of happiness and excitement in themselves. Due to this happiness, they dance around and enjoy with their friends and family.

nasty cover nasty by Ariana Grande

In this song, Ariana is basically taking the lead in the relationship. This song is basically breaking the stereotype that guys take the lead or guys take the initiative in a relationship. But Ariana is breaking the norm and dominating. She is basically saying that when you know for a fact that you love someone, then there is no point of waiting around. It is best to just get into the relationship, no matter who asks for it first. Confessing love takes a lot of guts, but Ariana is not afraid of doing it.

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