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Robbery cover Robbery by Juice WRLD

The singer is comparing his heartbreak to a bank robbery. He is stating that his girlfriend stole his heart, just as a robber steals from a bank. On an emotional level, he seems conflicted over running from her love or constantly trying to win her back. He can’t forget about her despite obviously attempting to do so. So he deals with the fear experienced from being avoided by the woman he loves. It seems clear that despite what he is going through emotionally, he would very much like to get addressed romantically by this lady.

Dancing in My Room cover Dancing in My Room by 347aidan

There always comes a period in a life where you feel yourself really down and sad. You start overthinking and become depressed. At that point in life, you need someone who is standing at your back and wiping away your tears and who is making you happy and loving you truly. You just need his/her presence at that time to remove those insecurities and tensions. You overthink just due to the world’s judging society in which we are living. Just leave what people are saying and whenever you feel depressed just think that your loved ones are with you. Live your life full of joy.

THE END cover THE END by Alesso, Charlotte Lawrence

The end is basically telling about the ending of a romantic relationship. This relationship was bound to fall apart because things were slowly becoming very cold and distant for the couple. They barely hung out or talked to each other. The feelings died out over time. But it took them some time to come to terms with this fact. But once they did, they knew the relationship was over.

Reminds Me Of You cover Reminds Me Of You by Juice WRLD, The Kid LAROI

Whenever you are in a relationship with someone, regardless of whether it is romantic or not, you always make some memories with that person. And you start associating certain things with that person. In this song, the singer is talking about this exact thing. He is saying that everything he comes across reminds him of his lover because he has some sort of memory attached with that thing. You can end a relationship but it is difficult to escape from the memories.

Mad World cover Mad World by Timmy Trumpet, Gabry Ponte

I think this song is mostly about feeling lonely. The main idea is that a person can be surrounded by a bunch of people, and still be alone. This is because the person has no connection with those people. "Went to school and I was very nervous No one knew me, no one knew me" means that no one in this world is truly able to understand him for what he is. He feels alone even among the people he spends almost every day with. He can't even feel any connection to the people who have similar lives and lifestyles as him.

Problems cover Problems by Anne-Marie

These lyrics are really heart touching and sweet in my opinion. In this song, Anne Marie is basically talking about how people struggle to make relationships work. She is saying that she is aware of all the issues and problems in the relationship she has with her lover. But despite those problems, she is willing to put in her best to make it work out. This is because there is so much good in the relationship as well and she is not willing to give it all up.

Angels Like You cover Angels Like You by Miley Cyrus

There are many references in this song that prove that this song by Miley is about her ex girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter. The two started dating almost a year after Miley's split with her husband Liam Hemsworth. And I'm not the only one. Many tweets like this one: twitter.com/...er%2F show that people are interpreting the meaning behind these lyrics as a reference to the romantic relationship between Miley and Kaitlynn.

Hey Boy cover Hey Boy by Sia

If you are someone who is tired of being single, but too scared of commitment and relationships, then this song is definitely for you. Sia is basically just saying that she does not want to be single, but only for a songle night. Do you know what else this is called? *coughs* one night stand *coughs*. That is pretty much the theme of this song. Sia is basically saying that she does not need a permanent or long term commitment. She just wants to have some fun. And one night is more than enough for her.

Wolves cover Wolves by Big Sean, Post Malone

In my opinion, this song is linking pack loyalty with the bond of family. The singer in this song is basically saying that he was raised in a way that made him very loyal and attached to his "clan" or to his people. He is very loyal to them and knows that is he betrays them, it is pretty much like putting your life in risk. But mostly , it isn't fear that drives him to be loyal, it is the overall way he was raised and also the genuine love he has for his family.

Still Have Me cover Still Have Me by Demi Lovato

I think in these critical times, it is important to have songs like these. People now days have to stay alone or away from their loved ones because of the pandemic. This type of loneliness and uncertainty can be detrimental for a person's health especially if they are dependent on someone else for emotional support. But this song kind of proves that you are enough for yourself. You don't really need anyone else. You are strong enough to take care of yourself emotionally and physically. This message will help a lot of people.

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